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  • I am really happy to receive emails telling me about your product or work. The Edited covers fashion, style, lifestyle, home and children’s style.
  • I LOVE to post things that are new and have yet to be seen elsewhere or on other blogs. I am also a sucker for anything pretty.
  • If it fits with The Edited’s aesthetic and ethos, I can work with selected brands on sponsored posts.
  •  I do not accept pre-written posts. If I haven’t written it, it doesn’t go on The Edited.
  • All commercial posts will be flagged up as such, in line with the ASA – this includes embedded links. If you don’t want me to disclose, please don’t ask me to link.
  • I receive a lot of emails from brands every day and honestly do try to reply to as many as possible. If you don’t hear back from me, please don’t take it personally. If I do decide to post about your idea submission, I will try to respond within three business days of receiving your email.
  • And I really appreciate all of your interest! I’m happy to receive ideas for product review, but I will only review if I genuinely love the product and want to tell my readers about it. I don’t review products very often, but will regularly direct readers towards things I have personally found and really like.



I am a fashion journalist and stylist with nearly two decades of experience as an editor on national newspapers and magazines including The Mirror, The Sun and LOOK Magazine.

Copywriting work includes Clarks, P&G and Superdrug.

Commercial collaborations include Sainsburys, Jaguar, La Redoute, Boden, Jaeger, Marks & Spencer, La Redoute and Jigsaw.





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    linda Jackson

    I just love TK Maxx, my no.1 designer store
    All those gold rush goods, now more and more
    Up to 60%off affordable labels and brands
    I’m such a massive GOLD LABEL fan
    My floral midi makes my workmates jealous
    No need to spend more I say, get it for less
    These clothes really make me feel like a VIP
    Spring is coming soon, I’m getting that Armani Tee!

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    Sue Print

    I would love to win a makeover with Josh Wood. My hair is getting a lot thinner now. I’m in my 60’s.
    It’s really hard to colour my hair. It’s gone silvery grey. I’ve had highlights you name it roots done etc. but can never find a decent colourist who understands my hair. Also would love a decent cut. It would mean the world to me. I’m going through quite a tough time at the moment with my family. A lot of illness. It would cheer me up no end x

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    Erica, I am very inspired by your style and would love to dress with the same panache! Could you tell me please how tall you are and what size you average at. Apologies if this info is already available on your blog – my search didn’t produce! Many thanks

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      Hi Anita! Thanks for your message! I’m 5ft 5 and a 12-14! xx

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        Erica, I’m big fan of your Instagram and blog and would love it if you did a blog post or recommended other instagramers that want to look chic but cater for bigger boobs (dd+) and a normal size (I’m a 10-12). Maybe a potential blog on breaking the rules of not wearing stripes, high necks, baggy jeans etc. If I read about wearing a wrap dress, or v neck tee again (I personally don’t like either on me) I think I’ll lose my mind.

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    Hi Erica, I’m afraid my budget won’t stretch to David Mallett serum. Can you tell me which FrizzEase product you use? I’m overwhelmed with choice! Thanks!

    • avatar

      Hi Lisa, I know – I was sent that one and it is brilliant but not sure I would spend that again! I use the classic FrizzEase serum xx

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        Thank you so much for the swift reply! I tried the Philip Kingsley Smooth Cream today (as per your recommendation) and really liked it. x

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    Hi, I really love the tiles on your hall floor as on your instagram, on your blog it says the tiles are from Topps tiles but I cannot for the love of God find them
    there or any where else for that matter! Please could you tell me if the ones you used in the end are from Topps or if not where on earth did you get them?!
    Thanks in advance x

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      Hi Sarah! Oh sorry if it wasn’t clear – my pink tiles in the kitchen are from Topps, but my hall tiles are from Bert and May! They’re called the Loredo tile xx

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    Hi, What was the name of the boys clothing brand you featured as part of a delivery of a box of clothes on your insta stories recently? Thanks!

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      Hi! It was Shortstitchuk xx

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    Hi Erica, please can you advise me on how to warm up a bedroom with grey wardrobes? Which colour and accessories etc. Many thanks.

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    Lana Seyler

    Hello Erica,
    I enjoy following you , and look forward to seeing everything you share with us.
    My son moved to London from Canada in November , I’m going to be visiting
    February 3-12 . I was wondering if you will be appearing anywhere during this time ,or recommend an event open to the public that would be good to attend.
    Please keep posting you put a smile on many faces.

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    Lana Seyler

    Hello Erica ,
    My son moved to London from Canada in November,I’m visiting from February 3-12 I was wondering if you are attending any events that would be open to the public during this
    time? I would’ve love to meet you.
    Thankyou for sharing on the squares.

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