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Festive Dressing: Maternity party looks

IMAGES: ROCKY BARNES | MISSENOCHA | ASHLEY GRAHAM | DANI REYES OFFICIAL One of the most popular requests for style ideas sent to me via my Instagram DM is for maternity and breastfeeding-friendly clothing. ALL IMAGES, US VOGUE FEATURING ASHLEY GRAHAM, GRETA GERWIG, CARDI B AND STELLA MCCARTNEY I have to say, I really enjoyed being pregnant – it probably sounds a bit silly, but it was probably the only time in my life when I didn’t feel self-conscious, so I really enjoyed experimenting with styles I wouldn’t usually wear, especially fitted, figure-hugging pieces. Read More

Festive Dressing: Party Flats

IMAGES: STEAL THE LOOK | VEN’S WIFE STYLE | FUNMI FETTO | BLAIR EADIE BEE Remember the episode ‘A Woman’s Right To Shoes,’ in Sex & The City? Carrie is invited to a friend’s baby shower and asked – under duress – to remove her shoes (‘but it’s the look!’) – only to discover they’ve been stolen at the end of the party. Read More

Festive Dressing: What are the best bras if you want to go backless?

Images from my collaboration and paid partnership with Triumph Lingerie Over on Instagram Stories (find me here), I asked whether there were any Christmas party style conundrums that I could help with. In case you don’t follow me over there, every Sunday I create a Styling Series – where I *virtually* style outfits or offer inspiration that may inspire you to put existing pieces together in a new way. Read More