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Hello! I’m Erica Davies, a stylist, fashion journalist and brand consultant, with over fifteen years of experience in the industry as Fashion Director on national newspapers and magazines including LOOK, The Sun and The Daily Mirror.

I’ve spent years creating fashion pages, writing stories, travelling around the world on shoots, styling books, appearing as a style expert on TV and radio and even created my own collections for high street fashion chains.

In 2012 I started writing The Edited as a way of keeping my creative juices flowing while on maternity leave with my second child – and it’s now grown into an award-nominated site with a loyal and engaged audience.

I live with my husband James and our two children, Charlie aged 8 and Lila, aged 6. We swapped urban South East London for gorgeous countryside on the Essex / Suffolk border at the end of 2015.

The Edited is my take on style, shopping and more. I hope you enjoy it!



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    Discovered your blog today through the Amara blog shortlist – congrats, it’s a beaut!

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      Thank you so much Laurie! So glad you’ve found me! x

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        Hi Erica
        I found your recent article in The Times and loved reading the inside of social media .
        I am a fashion designer and find difficult to understand how social media works , generate followers and potential clients .. my Instagram is @designsbylacry .
        Would apreciate any of your advice .

        Lacry Puravu

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    Emma Dawson

    Discovered your fab blog posts and website a couple of weeks ago and am now lusting after a lot of your brilliant finds. Hope it’s going well finding a good coffee shop out there… Emma (also an ‘ED’!).

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    mary weaver

    Hi Erica – love your style and your BLOg! and your home looks gorgeous too from what I can see – is it a good fit for livingetc, do you think? do let me know and send me some pics if the idea appeals. Many thanks – mary – houses editor, livingetc

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    Jane Neale

    Love your blog and loved your neutral outfit last week on the packing tips.
    Can this be bought please?

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