Festive Dressing: What are the best bras if you want to go backless?

Images from my collaboration and paid partnership with Triumph Lingerie

Over on Instagram Stories (find me here), I asked whether there were any Christmas party style conundrums that I could help with.

In case you don’t follow me over there, every Sunday I create a Styling Series – where I *virtually* style outfits or offer inspiration that may inspire you to put existing pieces together in a new way.

I LOVE creating these stories (even though it takes a long time!), because it really gives me a digital opportunity to do what I used to do editorially on magazines.

However, being Instagram stories, they only last 24-hours. So I thought I would add in on my blog too.

And turning to the THOUSANDS of requests (honestly!!) from you regarding festive style, I thought I’d make a start with one of the most asked: what bra do I wear when the dress is backless – but I can’t go without!?

Now, I love backless dresses on others, but can’t really get on with them myself because I need to wear a bra! If I could, I totally would – and I have much respect for those with larger breasts who just go for it. Because frankly, who has time for all these self-imposed style rules?! If you want to go bra-less, do it. If you don’t, well, hopefully this post will help!

Other lingerie issues (VPL, tee-shirt bras) are now catered for, but with cut-out backs, slip dresses and completely backless dresses all over the high street, what are the best bra options for people like me who want the support?

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This longline ‘Noemi’ bustier from Dominique (available at the The Pantry Underwear) is backless, while offering support. It’s also available in black and white (this is ivory), but only comes up to an E cup. Wear with high waist pants so it gives a streamlined look under your clothes.

Where many stick-on options are usually only suitable for A-cups, this pair of ‘petals’ from Fashion Forms (this pair are available at Net a Porter for £12) (AFFILIATE LINK)are an industry favourite, thanks to their reusable nature (up to 25 times) and fact they do work.

They are also available for a fuller figure. They cost £12 from Debenhams.

The company also do a brilliant reusable full frontal stick-on style for B-H cups. This one is available here at Harvey Nichols and costs £40 (AFFILIATE LINK)

And this stick-on ‘Voluptuous Silicone Lift Bra,’ also by Fashion Forms (available at Macy’s) is a full-busted, adhesive, backless bra. It has transparent and convertible straps that can be turned into a halterneck. Reusable if you handwash with soap and water, leave to air dry and keep in original packaging. It costs around £40 and shipping from the US will cost around £20.

This backless bra is called the ‘Ultimate Backless Bra’ and it’s £40 from Wonderbra (available at Figleaves). It has a plunge front, is slightly padded and underwired to give support, but again does only go up to a DD.

The other option for backless or cut out styles is to to flash your bra!

Make a feature out of it in a contrast colour, or choose a style like this one (above), with pretty lace detailing that will add something extra to your outfit.

The best idea is to choose a front-fastening style that will keep the back fuss-free. This is the ‘Claudia’ bra from Bravissimo, it costs £36 and it goes up to an H cup.

And this one is ‘Amour Accent’ front-fastening bra by Pour Moi at Figleaves, £30. It is designed to be seen, so a lovely one to wear if you don’t mind showing off your bra at the back.

My final suggestion is to invest in converter clips, which effectively transforms any of your existing bras into a lower backed style. This pair are by Maidenform at Bravissimo and cost £10. The only consideration with these as a solution is to factor in the slightly bulky detailing around your waist. These are probably best used with looser fitting tops or dresses.

Underwear sorted, now it’s just a case of finding that perfect dress!

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    Erica//So fun!! Love the blog with a little tinsel!!

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    Wearing bras with backless outfits can be really tricky, but these options are amazing, I remember seeing a discount code for the backless strapless on a site sometimes ago, ordered them from the store and they were a perfect fit.


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