Creating a tropical room space (with Very Home, sponsored)

I recently worked with Very to create a tropical-style living room space, using products from their latest collections.

As a BIT of a fan of all things tropical (understatement!), I thoroughly enjoyed accepting the challenge – and I have to say, the brand have some brilliant pieces that worked beautifully together in the space.

I was given the backdrop – ie this room – and had to come up with my own scheme that ticked the brief.

With a ‘tropical’ theme, it could be quite easy to create a pastiche, or something that’s a bit kitsch. So I wanted to make sure that the main ‘anchor’ pieces would give a real sense of sophistication, while the accessories would add the tropical hints.

My main focus was choosing the right sofa – and I felt this dark green velvet style really added a sense of luxe. A jute border-edge rug on the floor grounds the space and gives it some texture, but doesn’t overwhelm what else is going on.

I am a huge fan of ‘layering’ cushions. It adds warmth to a space, but equally allows you to open up the colours and add additional prints or textures.

On the green sofa, I added two large, oversize yellow cushions, which I layered with two botanical prints.

The yellow cushions tie in nicely with the lemon linen tub chair, while a bold orange throw keeps the citrus vibe going.

One simple, neutral pineapple cushion looked great on the tub chair, which I linked to the pineapple lamp base on the chest of drawers.

The key to creating a taste of the tropics in your own home is to keep the proportions in check. The majority of your space should be plain, or a simple, bold shade – in this case, the green sofa and yellow chair – against a neutral coloured wall.

That way it’s the mix of accessories that bring the drama – but which, if you get fed up of them in a few years time, won’t cost the earth to replace.

All that’s left to add is a huge plant or two. And pour a Pina Colada.

My favourite tropical pieces from Very’s Home collection.

Green velvet sofa: Super chic and a great, sophisticated shade that’ll work in a variety of living spaces.

Botanical cushion: Just one or two of these will create an instant tropical vibe

Gallery pineapple print in gold: A lovely print that would work on a gallery wall or on its own.

Glam side table in black and gold: A really useful table that will add a touch of glamour to your space.

Jute border rug: A lovely combination of texture and warmth, this heavy-duty rug would look great in any living space.

For more details on Very Home, click here. To see more of my edit, click here.

This is a sponsored post, written in association with Very.

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    Love reading your blogs. Quite inspirational and lots of design tips to help. Keep up the good work. Your room looks amazing. Love the Decor. Merry Christmas and wish you a happy New Year

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