Beauty try-out: Josh Wood Colour System

Josh Wood Colour System

Hello! It’s been a while. But I am back – and with a new beauty series, where I’ll be trying out a variety of different products and giving you the lowdown.

First up, it’s the new range from hair colour king, Josh Wood.

He’s responsible for sorting out the tresses of stars such as Elle Macpherson, Laura Bailey and Kylie Minogue.

And after being in the business for over 30 years, there are a few things he knows about getting perfect, natural looking shade or how to completely get rid of that grey.

So it is a TREAT to learn that he has developed an at-home product range that’ll do both, without having to visit his (very lovely) salon in London’s Holland Park – or any other salon for that matter. And nothing is priced over £15.

Grey hair didn’t come for me until after the birth of my second child. I blame her.

But there they are, wiry greys that frizz up from my roots and I have to cover in bleach every six weeks.

So I was excited to try out my own cover-those-greys colours from Josh’s Colour System.

Disclosure, they sent me the blonde range to try, but all of the range will be available online and in Boots stores nationwide.

I had to cancel a root-covering expedition last week due to the snow / lack of trains / schools being closed, so my roots are currently around the two-inch mark. We all know that feeling.

My roots RN

I washed my hair using the Uplifting Shampoo for Blonde Hair Prone to Frizz, which was great. I needed two shampoos as it doesn’t foam up a huge amount. Then finished with the matching conditioner.

At this point, can I just say that if you buy NOTHING else from this range, the Everything Mask is definitely worth a splurge. It’s designed to lock-in colour, give you shine and a deep condition all at the same time.

Oh – and there are also Shade Shots, which mix with the mask to give a semi-permanent gloss and neutralise any brassy tones in your colour. I tried the ‘Give Me Sun’ Shade Shot, which really boosted my fading blonde.

Anyway! I wanted to try out the Tinted Dry Shampoo, which seemed a good quick-fix to get rid of the grey while waiting to get another appointment for my highlights. There are a couple of other grey-covering options too, from the Blending Brush, to the Root Marker (for stray greys as you spot them!) and the Root Smudger, which will conceal denser greys.

Shake well, then spray 15cm away from dry roots.

It’s really easy to use – and you can even ‘direct’ the flow of the spray for smaller sections.

I would say a little goes a long way – and possibly the root blending brush would be better longer term for me, but I was really impressed by the coverage and also the texture it added to my hair.


If you are after a really quick solution to covering up your grey, check it out because honestly, I am sold. And the fact this has been Josh’s passion project for the past couple of years goes to show just how much they have invested into the research and development of this collection.

As I mentioned earlier, the range will be sold in Boots store nationwide – but if you fancy trying, head over to Josh’s site, where you can use the code ERICA15 online for 15% off all products (limited to one use per person).


*This post is NOT a paid-for collaboration with Josh Wood Colour. The products were sent to me to try, but no money has changed hands. I will be making this a regular series with new products that I am trying.

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