Getting some Christmas present ideas with Etsy Made Local

I overthink presents. Every year, I stress about what to get people, about the ‘thoughtfulness’ factor and about whether it is the best thing for that person.

All of which means, I leave it all to the last possible moment, devour every gift guide going and make copious notes on my iPhone when I spot things in stores. Only to promptly forget all about them and go back to stressing again.

Etsy is a brilliant place to find some absolute gems, present or otherwise. In the past I’ve tracked down lampshades and also a wonderful lady called Hannah who made me the footstool in our living room.

This year, for the third year running, is supporting Etsy Teams nationwide to host 41 ‘Etsy Made Local’ shopping events. They will all pop-up between 1- 3 December across the UK, bringing sellers offline and into their local communities. You can click on the link for all the details here.

It means shoppers can get ahead of the Christmas rush and find themselves unique, handmade gifts – whilst connecting with the designers behind the items.

Etsy sent me a gift card to find some pieces from the Etsy Made Local sellers – here are my favourites (although to be honest, I was spoiled for choice!)

Contents of my Tiny Mind, personalised notebook by BlueStiggy on Etsy


Velvet star cushion, La Martiz Handmade. The beauty of buying from small businesses means you get little thank you notes in with your parcel!

Sampler, Snowbird Artworks

Check out all the information on the event here.

This post was a paid partnership with Etsy, but all words, photographs and edits are my own work.

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