The homeware brand that needs your immediate attention

When it comes to home decor, my motto is ‘as long as you love it, it’ll go somewhere.’

Some of my favourite pieces have been passed down from relatives, others are from junk shops, while some bits are from the supermarket. It really doesn’t matter. Because if you can see a place for it – it’ll work.

And while I love the thrill of the find, I also want something that’s got a bit of personality, something that will sing from your bookshelf or your sofa and make you smile.

Ceramic midcentury style vases, Bundleberry at QVC

Over the next couple of months, I’m doing some work with QVC  – picking my favourite pieces by editing their HUGE number of brands and lines.

Last month I spent an immersion day at their West London HQ, where – amongst SO MUCH GREAT STUFF – I completely fell in love with a home collection called Bundleberry, designed by Britain’s Got Talent presenter Amanda Holden.

Bistro set, Bundleberry at QVC | Mugs, set of two, Bundleberry at QVC

Amanda is apparently a HUGE interior design fan – with a particular fondness for midcentury pieces, and it shows with this stylish and colourful range.

There is also the most incredible hexagonal mirror with a leather strap and a set of metal suitcases that I definitely need for the kids bedrooms (they’ll be in emerald green, black, yellow and electric and online / on TV next month, I will keep you posted.)

Here are some of the photos taken from my day spent at QVC – which included me going on air for a guest presenter audition alongside regular QVC presenter Eilidh Nairn!

Yep, terrifying.

I had to talk about Frank the flamingo (from their Home Reflections collection) for three minutes, which doesn’t seem very long, but trust me, it is.

These QVC presenters are VERY talented!

Frank is now at home looking after the cocktail trolley.

Buy Frank here.

This post was done in partnership with QVC UK, but all words, thoughts and photographs are my own.





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    Sophie O

    Crikey! If anyone can convince me to try something new, it’s you Erica. I remember hearing whispers of brands like Elemis being on QVC but never really ‘tuned in’; I think that’s going to change from here in.

    p.s I fancy Frank myself & think he’d look extra dashing with a little Bow Tie on your Bar. Cheers! S x

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    Just love those vases particularly the yellow one. Just in time for Christmas shopping too.

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