I’m having a thing about … Mexican kaftans

‘Lucia’ dress, Little Tienda | Bag, edit.58 | Sandals, Sofia Capri | Earrings, H&M (old season)

It usually happens about this time of year. I get something sartorial stuck in my head and then obsessively search for it online.

Last summer, I was going not-so-quietly mad over Vita Kin’s incredible bohemian dresses (and the slightly more affordable Zara versions of).

Then, towards the end of last year I had a hankering for a different kind of embroidery – this time more Seventies Mexican style. I quite fancy myself as the Finder Of Things on eBay and Etsy, so set up alerts for ‘Mexican and Oaxacan vintage kaftans.’

But I wasn’t after the mass produced, faux-Mexican design you can find quite easily.

Because around the same time, I became quietly obsessed by Pippa Holt kaftans, the most BEAUTIFUL, luxe kaftans that work for city or beach – as you can see via her v stylish Instagram.

Launched last year by former Vogue stylist Pippa, each piece is numbered and made in collaboration with a group of artisans in a far-flung part of Mexico. They are eye-wateringly beautiful, full of the most amazing detail and craftsmanship, which means unfortunately for my obsession, expensive.

But look. LOOK how gorgeous they are.

Pippa wearing No. 47 kaftan | Image: Pippa Holt Kaftans / Instagram

Pippa wearing No 23 kaftan, available at My Theresa | Image: Pippa Holt Kaftans

Pippa wearing No 57 kaftan, available at Matches | Image: Pippa Holt Kaftans

The thing about this new style of kaftans is that they cross that line between something you’d only wear on the beach with something more substantial. They make wafting around towns, or going on long pub lunches in the sunshine way more acceptable. Plus, there’s something so lovely about throwing on a dress you feel stylish wearing, yet can actually eat in.

Through the Instagram rabbit-hole, I came across Australian brand Little Tienda, curated by Em Dezentje, who is passionate about working with Mexican artisans and communities. You can check out her Instagram here.

‘Camila’ kaftan, Little Tienda | Image: Little Tienda

‘Camila’ dress and ‘Amor’ bag, both Little Tienda | Image: Little Tienda

I bit the bullet and ordered the Lucia dress in the ‘natural’ colourway (although dithered between that and the rose). Despite coming from Australia, it didn’t take too long to arrive – although, a word of caution, the DHL customs charges are expensive if it has been sent as a high priced item, so I got completely stung.

Mind you, it hasn’t put me off THAT much, as I am completely in love with it and know I will wear it every year with a big smile on my face.

Having said that, there are a couple of versions I have found online which do tick the specific box if you like the look and want it NOW!

I’ll be taking mine on holiday next week and can’t wait to introduce it to those French markets.

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    Stunning! I just need a holiday to match.. Big fan of your blog and insta account!

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      Aah thank you so much!! x

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