The perfect, wisteria-friendly, sunshine-ready dress

Dress | Bag | Sandals | All Marks & Spencer | Photography: Eleanor Skan

I’m one of those cruel mothers who sends their children back in their summer uniform as soon as the Easter holidays are over. Even if that means they are wearing a winter coat with ankle socks.

Doesn’t matter, let’s stick to the facts here people: it’s MEANT to be warm. Ish.

So applying the same principles to my own wardrobe, I am booking myself in for a pedicure, getting the sandals out and ploughing on regardless, because IT’S MAY.

So that being said, let’s discuss the perfect wisteria-friendly, May-sunshine frock, from Marks & Spencer.

It’s one of those ‘Bardot’ styles, but with sexy sheer sleeves if you don’t fancy showing off too much flesh. The ruffle front is also great – perfect for small boobs as they add a bit of distraction, but also if you’re blessed in the breast area, the ruffles are surprisingly flattering. The lightweight material means they skim rather than cling.

Now the lining does stop at the knee, which is great if you like showing off a bit of leg, albeit in a subtle way, but I would suggest replacing the lining with a fuller slip if you’re less keen on the amount of calf displayed.

I’ve teamed mine with a BRILLIANT waterproof, totally beach-friendly shopper and picked out the yellow in that with the ochre flat sandals.

The yellow is also my way of bringing out some sunshine – even if it’s in outfit only rather than the sky.

This post was written in association with Marks & Spencer, but all words, thoughts and styling my own work.

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