Five tips I’ve learned about how to pack well (plus, win a holiday wardrobe with La Redoute)

If there is one thing I can do well, it’s pack.

This isn’t me showing off. I just have a LOT of experience. And it’s not JUST as a mother, who has to pack for three (while my husband throws stuff in a bag two hours before we leave the house).

It’s also because, as a fashion editor, I regularly packed for trips and shoots, checking off lists and making sure every eventuality was catered for.

Pyjamas, La Redoute

Now this doesn’t mean I like packing necessarily, I much prefer having my STUFF around me. However, I know the score and I can do it.

Last month I travelled to Nice with La Redoute, who asked me to pull together my tips for packing well.

I’ve got five, so check them out below.

And make sure you keep on reading, because there is a link to their Facebook page where you can leave a comment to win a holiday wardrobe worth £1000. Yes! £1000!

Clutch bag, La Redoute (similar here) | T-shirt, La Redoute | Espadrilles, La Redoute


This is my ultimate packing game changer. Stick to a colour palette of one or two colours, with one or two accent / accessory colours and you’ll be in mix and match heaven. T-shirts will work with denim pieces or white separates, add a couple of plain knits to throw around shoulders on chilly evenings and remember that prints in the same tones will work together, even if they are different patterns. For my trip to Nice, I stuck to a very Cote D’Azur blue and white, nautical, simple and easy to accessorise with.


Before you start, think about what you’re going to be doing during the day and every evening. If it’s a simple villa holiday with friends, will you really need five ultra glam dresses? If you’re heading to a resort, maybe think about a couple of separates that will work for day and night. Lay out what you want to take with you on the floor in total outfits, from accessories like bags and jewellery to your swimming costumes and kaftans. You don’t need 15 kaftans, you’ll need 3-4 max. Be strategic, sticking to a two colour palette and think about wearing the same thing twice with a different skirt or pair of trousers. Sometimes restricting yourself is the best policy. How many times have you been away and not worn half the pieces you’ve taken? Exactly.


Regardless of climate or location, it’s always worth packing a couple of neutral layering pieces that would go with everything. For example on this trip, I took a super useful tan cardigan. White, black or denim are universally useful – whether it be a lightweight jacket, a heavier shirt or blouse, or a slouchy cashmere boyfriend knit.


OK, so hands up who is often caught short and has to rinse their bloomers in the hotel sink with shampoo? Yep, we’ve all been there. Just over pack knickers and bras. That’s all.


I know, you love ALL your shoes and you want to take them ALL away with you. I hear you. However, you don’t need the 5-inch heels if you’l be running around a resort with the kids. And you definitely don’t need heavy duty trainers if you plan on sunbathing on a beach for two weeks. Think practically about how many formal evenings you will have, where you might need something more substantial than an espadrille. But mainly think about the sandals you gravitate towards every day – one or two pairs of sandals and a more formal style will generally be more than enough. Unless you’re going on a cruise, in which case, take an extra suitcase!


**To be in with a chance to win your own holiday wardrobe worth £1000 from La Redoute, click here.

Not only will you get to see me give more advice on camera (!), but you will be able to leave a comment to be in with a chance.

There are LOTS of amazing new season pieces, so spending that £1000 is going to be very easy. Just saying. Good luck!


This post was written in collaboration with La Redoute, but all words, styling and thoughts are my own.


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