Five new kitchen trends to know now.

It’s happening. Our kitchen refurb – the plans that helped us decide on buying this house – is about to start.

I have finalised the colours, the style and the appliances (more soon), but man, there is a lot of choice out there. And considering the costs of a fully fitted kitchen can start from £20,000, it takes some serious thinking about.

Now, I like to think I am pretty decisive. But with a plethora of new kitchen trends out there – I have questioned myself more than a few times.

So are grey kitchens really over? These are the trends we are all Pinning, lusting over and going for in 2017.


deVOL Classic English kitchen Image: deVOL

Keep up. We all want a GREEN kitchen now. The one above is a classic English deVOL kitchen from a house in Peckham, South London. But it’s the dramatic use of dark green (an old Farrow & Ball colour called ‘Carriage Green,’ try ‘Studio Green’ for similar) contrasted with the Indian marble that makes it such a visual treat.

The clever use of the same colour on the walls as well as the cabinetry gives it a really moody feel. And I adore the shelf covered with paintings – although the messy chef in me worries about them!

Neptune have also updated their paint collection, now offering a ‘sage’ finish. This is their Henley kitchen in this gorgeous, cactus shade.

Image: Neptune Henley kitchen in ‘sage’

And this Scandi kitchen uses green paint as an accent on a simple white colour, to brilliant effect.

Image: Scandinavian Home Staging



Image: Herringbone Kitchens

William Durrant, founder and designer of Herringbone Kitchens says colour may be popular, but it’s not just about using one tone.

William says, “Solid grey kitchens seem to be out of favour. Colours like Farrow & Ball’s ‘Downpipe’ is still really popular, but we’re seeing clients mixing it with other shades. Blues and greens are very popular right now. But lots of customers are choosing two tones, normally a combination of a lighter and a darker colour. People are steering away from the white kitchens of the early 00s and injecting their own personality and colour into their kitchen. The kitchen is becoming the heart of the home, and people are making it reflect their personality.”


Image: Mylands
Image: Herringbone Kitchens

Forget classic stainless steel taps and sinks. Brass, gold, copper are all having a real moment.

And not just with taps, cladding drawers with brass fronts is a simple way to update a kitchen.

Image: Woodworking Network

Not everywhere has hopped on the gold or brass tap train, but check out Perrin & Rowe and deVOL offer brass taps as an option with their kitchens.


Image: Superfront

Some kitchen prices make it prohibitive for some people to consider. And really, there are plenty of places that offer great quality for less if you can get your head around working out your own measurements – Ikea being one.

But Swedish design company Superfront have come up with a solution for those who want to add something a little more unique to an Ikea kitchen. They offer a range of doors and handles, in a cool palette of colours, to fit the Ikea Metod and Faktum kitchen cabinets.

Founder Monica Born says “we started to see a pattern amongst friends in making something unique out of the Ikea cabinets. Like adding a stone top, or painting the cabinet. We ourselves had already done the same thing in a kitchen a couple of years back by adding our own fronts – and architects had been doing it for years.”


Image: Bethany Mitchell Homes / Centsational Girl

Herringbone Kitchen’s William Durrant says it’s all about the practical when it comes to the latest gadgets. He says, “two single ovens are all the rage right now. Rather than double ovens, you have more capacity and more functionality on a single oven.

“Hot water taps are a luxury item, they cost a lot more than a normal tap. But if you take money out of the equation everyone would have one, they are incredible, you can make a cup of tea in 30 seconds.

“And wine fridges are still considered a luxury, but actually not that expensive – and they add a real wow factor.”

Image: Herringbone Kitchens

What kitchen trends are you loving at the moment? Although, I’ve decided on mine – maybe your comments will change my mind again!

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    Great read! I am in favour of Scandi option with the splash of green ? but the option of pimping up Ikea is appealing a lot to me? Thank you for research.

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      Thanks Olga!

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    I can’t work out if I’m behind or ahead? My kitchen in our old Victorian terrace was a shaker style kitchen with F&B breakfast room green hand painted units. I loved it and it worked really well in that house. But, we’ve recently had a new kitchen put in our newish home which is a more modern house. We went more contemporary this time with a mixture of units – some a soft gloss white, others a lovely deep grey matt almost concrete look. Marble style worktop (white with grey/ black tones) bright white walls and raspberry blinds. Thanks to you & Kate ‘mad about the house’ – potted plants are there too! And the rappers delight print!

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      Sounds lovely – and gorgeous softened by the plants! x

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    Laura Maxwell

    Maybe not a trend but a pricey must, Microwave drawer. I hate counter clutter and I have two single wall ovens, so no room for a microwave there and I refuse to put it on the counter. They are pricey, $1,100USD but worth every penny IMHO.

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      Yes – good idea!!

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    Here is my tip if you are planning two ovens, which definitely offers more functionality than a range but a layout dependant thing – try to keep roasting and splatter cooking in just one of them. Also hot hold drawer is a godsend, wouldn’t be without it. Cold Larder drawer fabulous. Love, love, love the brass fittings….. marble so so beautiful …. polished concrete great looking choice too.

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    I have just started planning mine and hope to blog my update as well as my garden redesign. We have an oak kitchen that is great condition so we will be painting the doors and changing the black granite worktops to a calacatta quartz. We really wanted an island but worked with an interior designer to optimise the space and chose an extended peninsula. We are also looking at freestanding tall wide storage cabinet. with feature metallic doors – I am in love with the range from Bert & May. We are hoping to lay a herringbone floor to keep some wood in the design.

    Colourwise, I was definitely in the downpipe camp, then navy, but lately a pearl grey. Now I like the sage…

    Definitely go for two single ovens if you can. I have my microwave on a shelf in a floor cupboard. it works really well, nice and hidden. I love the idea of the hot water taps but been in a few offices where they play up – the whole maintenance idea puts me off.

    Love your blog – I came across it last night whilst reading Million Dollar Blog

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