Five tips for shopping the Gold Rush at TKMaxx (PLUS! WIN A £100 GIFT CARD!)

It is a standing joke in our family that TK Maxx (AKA, The Maxx) is THE shopping destination of choice.

When we lived in London, my mum obviously loved visiting her grandchildren, but I can’t help thinking it was more about the trips to the two-floor (with café!) TK Maxx mecca of shopping on Croydon’s Purley Way.

There is no better feeling than the ‘smug-buy smile’ – the one you give after being given a compliment and being able to say you snapped it up for a very good price. Particularly if said item is a designer number.

TK Maxx’s Gold Label department is home to the most luxury brands the store has to offer. Gold Label offers an amazing array of hundreds of premium designer gems for women and men, from fashion to footwear and accessories and they are currently receiving special deliveries of the ultimate designer brands at great prices – which they’re calling the Gold Rush.

But pieces are limited: limited items and for a limited time, at up to 60% off the usual £££ prices.

Gold Label items are available in stores all year around, but this exclusive Gold Rush event is happening in five selected stores (High St Kensington, Hammersmith, Covent Garden, Charing Cross, Manchester, as well as online) until 26th February.

I popped into one of the London stores to check out the offer and couldn’t believe how many labels were available, from shoes and accessories through to big ticket items such as coats and designer jackets.


But as pieces vary from store to store – and with new deliveries happening several times a week, it’s hard to give specifics on the designer pieces, as more VIP (Very Important Purchases) are being added to the shop floors every day.

I bought a gorgeous masculine-inspired two tone shirt (peeping out of the bag in the main image above) the RRP of which was £317, but I got it for £79.99. There was also a gorgeous bold floral midi dress (very on trend for this season) that should have cost me £360. I got it for £69.99. And I was delighted to spot some studded brown leather sandals that should have cost £410, but were being sold for £199.99.

So here are my five top tips for getting the most out of the TK Maxx Gold Rush – and for shopping in The Maxx generally.

Plus, read on for your chance to win a £100 gift card for the store.


Go with a specific idea in mind and you’ve had it. The beauty of TKM is NOT knowing what you will find. I’ve gone in before looking for boy’s t-shirts and come out with a set of steak knives and a lamp shaped like stacked tea-cups. Think of it as a treasure hunt – where everyone is a winner.


You SAY you only need a new pair of pyjamas, but then you see the perfect pair of shoes and OH WOW, yes you DO need a new suitcase. And suddenly your hands are full and there is another entire floor to discover. Let me make it easy for you. ALWAYS pick up a basket on wheels. They’re nippier than the trolleys and you can get around the aisles a lot faster. Plus they hold a surprising amount. I know.


Unlike other stores, TK Maxx categorise by size and style, so you can find everything in one place rather than wander around aimlessly (although, that can be fun too). So head to your department (Women / Men), find GOLD LABEL and then, lastly, by your size. In my experience, you need to go methodically through the rail to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.


Which brings me to tip number 4. A shopping trip to TKM is a lesson in editing. What you need to always remember is that there are limited pieces and the floor isn’t replenished with the same items, so if you like something, put it in your basket on wheels immediately. Do not procrastinate. This happened to my mother-in-law and she instantly regretted it when another lady swooped in on the huge faux flower buds and whisked them away (we *may* have followed her for a while in case she shopped n’ dumped them in another aisle).

The key is to add everything you like in your basket and use the rest of your shop as thinking time. Only when you’re ready to head to the tills is it time to edit your basket. Make decisions swiftly but always remember you only have the one chance – there are no replenishments of specific items.

‘Tis better to buy and return if needed, than to never buy at all.


The Gold Rush means that several deliveries of premium designer clothes are happening every week until the end of the event. This means HUNDREDS of pieces are being added to the shop floors on an almost daily basis. Don’t miss the latest delivery of the ultimate designer brands at great prices. Check in often to find the treasure.

I have a £100 gift card to give away to one lucky reader. To be in with a chance to win, let me know why you should get the Gold Rush goods! But be quick, TK Maxx will be selecting the best response by the end of the day this WEDNESDAY 22nd FEBRUARY.


This post was written in association with TK Maxx, but all words and photography are my own.

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    I swear i could spend up to 6 hours in tk maxx! homeware, beauty, shoes and of course the gold rush! I once bought myself a pair of balenciaga boots from the gold rush section for £150! I Know! the only designer thing i have really and would love to see what else i could myself for £100…. Pretty please!!! haha x

    Tatyana x

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    Shopping in TKMaxx is like a glorious treasure hunt, so the Gold Label is appropriately named! I never know what I’m going to find, and I love the fact that my money goes so much further.

    Wouldn’t it be great to see how far I could stretch £100??

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    Well I have a 1 yr old and a 2 yr old and I have definitely lost my way style wise! This gift card would be a great treat and would help me get back into the swing of things style wise. I love TK Maxx and visit my local Wimbledon and Colliers Wood stores all the time! Big fan of the online shop too!

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    We’re in the process of decorating our baby’s nursery (due Saturday!) and some of my absolute favourite things have been from the gold mine that is our local TK MAXX – I can’t get enough of it and you’re totally right – such a rush getting something unexpected and a bargain to boot! I could spend that £100 SO easily! X

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    Tk Maxx is my go to for something different and I’m in the mood for a rummage through the rails. And I love the randomness of coming out with a Beckonsondergard scarf and a pineapple ornament for my bathroom. I could happily, very happily spend a £100 gift card but would share this with my bestie who recently helped me out! Shopping share!

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    Steff Cocks

    I’ve shopped in TK Maxx for ages and NEVER knew about Gold Label! (I always head straight to homewares ?) The voucher would allow me to dive into this unknown territory, grab myself a few amazing pieces, and of course spread the Gold Label love!!

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    I have loved the gold mine that is TK Maxx from a very early age. In fact, I took my first steps in a store, toddling towards my own reflection in a changing room mirror whilst my mum tried on clothes, well at least that is what my mum tells me! She loves the place too and now I’m subjected my own son to weekly visits! I would love to win £100! X

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    I worship at the temple of TK Maxx Manchester! It’s fabulous and I’ve spent many an indulgent hour there rifling through the rails, searching for something I know I’ll love forever but don’t yet know what it will be. Also Homesense is next door. You go in for some cushions and come out with non slip coat hangers, a picture and some jelly beans (truth). A £100 voucher will a lovely treat when I next pop in for a candle and come out with some gorgeous new clothes and an armchair!

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    Liz Perkins

    I am TK Maxx’s number one fan. They are the reason I’m so broke each month but I love it too much to stop. I go in for nothing and come out with EVERYTHING!! Thank you TK’s, my house, my self and my kids would be naked without you ?

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    Amber-Rose Smith

    Great post Erica, totally agree with your tip of popping the item you like straight in your basket. I to have slying followed people around the store to see if they’d put it back. Nothing haunts you more than the things you didn’t buy! Also popping in regularly is great as you never know what you’ll find.

    I’d love to win the gold rush voucher to find the ultimate embroidered jumper or jacket, I love the trend and I just haven’t found the right piece yet. But have a sneaky feeling I could find the perfect item in TK Maxx!

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    melanie stirling

    We have just moved house,it’s been a lot of hard work and expense and my husband has done the majority of work.I would love to be able to treat him.

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    linda Jackson

    I just love TK Maxx, my no.1 designer store
    All those gold rush goods, now more and more
    Up to 60%off affordable labels and brands
    I’m such a massive GOLD LABEL fan
    My floral midi makes my workmates jealous
    No need to spend more I say, get it for less
    These clothes really make me feel like a VIP
    Spring is coming soon, I’m getting that Armani Tee!

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    I’m obsessed with TK Maxx – best store ever – where can you find faux flowers, gorgeous slippers and Hunter wellies all in one place? It’s the boss!

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    It’s a little like my second home the manager knows my name ?It’s a place I bring my mum who has Parkinson’s every Friday she so loves to potter around and it has all kinds of everything for her and she feels safe and secure plus it has a lift. The staff are so lovely to her and she never leaves without something it’s her Friday treat.

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    Oh didn’t know they had a Gold Rush! Every trip to TK Maxx is like the Gold Rush itself: few items but oh my, the prices are to die for. I must admit I’d love to win because I haven’t treated myself in a while. Every time I stop by their store in Westfield, it’s kiddo first (don’t.ever.go. with a toddler in their toys corner), plus such a huge selection of house items (how many Le Creuset pots and pans you need? the sky is the limit – well, TK Maxx stock limit). Not to mention the bedding selection … Egyptian cotton for a fraction of a price (educated myself on cotton types & threads after many hours spent in that aisle) I’d love to win just so i can steal a couple of hours for myself…something I forgot how it feels…x

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    Sarah Hansford

    I love the TK to the Maxx but I’m not a rapper so I’ll stop with this before it gets embarrassing. I can always find a fabulous “can’t live without” item on the rails, especially in the super special posh designers section, ooh but the homeware is pretty cool too and the gym stuff, that’s always worth a rummage but the beauty is a treasure trove…oh blimey it’s all BRILLIANT and I promise I’d spend £100 very wisely.

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    I remember when TK Maxx first opened a store in the UK when I was a teenager. I had read about it in a magazine and dragged my best friend there to shop. We had saved our wages from our weekend job and came away with loads of bargains. I’ve been a fan of TK Maxx ever since, and regularly come away with some fab finds (this week alone I have managed to buy a Maclaren buggy and an Eastpack suitcase not to mention all the little extras). I was trying to think of my best ever TK Maxx purchase, but there are too many to mention! I would love to win this voucher even if only to give my bank balance a rest for a short while!! X

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    Jessica Maccio

    From office to party, in sunshine or snow. TK Maxx is all I need (and £100 to blow!)

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    Ellie Sluys

    Hello! I’ve just moved to Edinburgh and yesterday discovered TKMaxx here. Oh my GOODNESS – what heaven is this?! Back in the day, TKMaxx was a total jumble sale to be avoided at all costs. What the heck happened?! It’s awesome! I would LOVE a gift card to run amok in my new home from home. Thank you! ???

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    Luisa Sanders

    Well, I write a blog called ‘Bristol Bargainista’ (spoiler alert: it’s about living well and enjoying life on a budget) Needless to say, TX Maxx has always been one of my main go-to stores for finding brilliant, wallet-friendly things for my wardrobe (as well as my home) In the past I’ve bought everything from Miller Harris candles for Christmas presents to Chloe jeans for myself – the sort of purchases that make you feel happy to be alive (without worrying about your bank account!) In short, TX Maxx rules and I would have no difficulty whatsoever finding lovely things to buy with £100 in my pocket.

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    I’ve loved TK Maxx since the first time I stepped into my local store when it was brand new in the UK. I loved it so much so that I ended up working in my local store throughout my college years (as did my sister!) back in the day when staff had an ‘old skool’ uniform – grey knee length skirt and a red speckled blouse for girls!). I used to buy all my clothes at work – I definitely made the most of my staff discount, lol. Honestly, I’ve never stopped loving good old TK Maxx and it’s absolutely and most definitely still my number one ‘go-to’ store, even if it’s just to browse at all the incredible things you have in store. I just love you TK Maxx – I’m even planning a visit to my local store this week!!:)

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    Ellis Tuesday

    I’ve just booked my first ever solo trip, to New York of all places, to celebrate turning 25 and I am in serious need of some new luggage, so I would definitely be putting the voucher towards some designer luggage, if I was lucky enough to win! ✈️️ I’m aiming to do hand luggage only too so a good, reliable and stylish cabin sized bag is a necessity I think.

    Ellis –

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    Miranda Melling

    I have been that lady in TK Maxx who has picked up that once in a lifetime fashion item and dithered, before putting it down, moving onto more practical items, and have lived to regret it.
    I love TK Maxx and vocalise this to all my friends who I drag in regularly much to their frustration. I promise if I won this £100 gift card I would shop with wild abandon, no more designer hand towels for the bathroom or swanky underwear and socks for my teenage children, I am off to Manchester to shop for myself, although I can’t promise that I won’t drag one of my ‘not so reluctant friends anymore’ 😉 xx

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    B e c k y ⋮ accooohtrements

    Having been totally obsessed with TK Maxx for at least a decade (how I’d have survived uni without them, I don’t know) I’ve filled my wardrobe and my home with probably a literal ton of bargains!

    I’d spend £100 either a really nice pair of jeans and some homewares, or a practical-but-pretty waterproof jacket for travelling—these are the only things I NEED right now, but as you say TK Maxx is where you go to find those things you didn’t know you needed!

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    Lisa Green AKA @littlepeagreen

    I need to step up my TK Maxx strategy! Always find amazing stationary and toys and books for the babes but never have the patience or time to start trawling the rails for clothes for myself. I need to take your lead, along with a joyful gift card and invest some in finding some bargains for me :o)

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    Nice post! no doubt everyone who love shopping will be on this post and love TK Maxx. I love each and everything of them. kind of love with this TK Maxx. Thanks for this post

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