An obsession with Amara’s gold cutlery – plus WIN a set for yourself!

As a little girl, I always thought being a grown up involved owning a ‘best’ dinner service, linen napkins and buying separate yoghurts, as opposed to the ones in a set of four.

Now, apparently, I AM a grown up. I don’t buy separate yoghurts because – as my mother wisely knew back in the day – they’re ever so expensive and my kids go through them like nobody’s business.

However, I do own linen napkins – and rather than a ‘best’ dinner service, I have a strictly ‘for guests only’ cutlery set.

And it’s this one, the ‘Paloma’ set from Amara’s own label homewear collection, which launched last year.

And I have ONE ENTIRE SET of it to giveaway! Read on for more details.

‘Paloma’ matt gold cutlery, Amara | ‘Leighfield’ green tumblers, Amara | Wine glasses, vintage | Napkins, H&M Home | Dinner service, Sainsburys

Sam Hood, Creative Director and Founder of Amara says, “statement cutlery instantly transforms your table-it’s the perfect addition to add a stylish edge to your place setting. It’s been such a huge trend that we couldn’t overlook it when designing the Amara Collection range.”

But it isn’t the colour that excites design guru Sam, she’s all about those little details.

“I think my favourite part of the range is the curved edge handle. It’s such a small detail and one many may overlook, but it gives it a really contemporary edge and modern feel.”

Amara launched A by Amara late last year after waiting for exactly the right time. Sam wanted to make sure every piece reached the brand’s exacting standards.

Sam says, “The Amara Collection has been in the pipe line for a few years but we wanted to make sure we launched it at the right time and didn’t rush the process. Each collection brings together some of the world’s most renowned home accessory brands and manufacturers and combines them with the valuable knowledge we’ve gained by looking and listening to our customers.”

I have a couple of pieces in my home, including the ‘Octavia’ mirror and the ‘Frejus’ table lamp (both below) and LOVE the impact both give the space.

See more of my favourite pieces from this collection in the ‘Shop This Post’ section.

‘Octavia’ mirror, Amara Collection | Green hurricane glass, Amara Collection (sold out, similar here) | Small votive, Amara Collection | Large white vase, from a selection at La Redoute | Succulents, Geo Fleur | Candle, from a selection at West Elm

‘Frejus’ table lamp, Amara Collection

Along with Amara Collection, I have one 24-piece gold Paloma cutlery collection (worth £300) to giveaway to one lucky reader.

To be in with a chance to win, leave a comment below saying why you deserve this lip-smackingly gorgeous gold cutlery!

Winner will be selected at random by an Amara representative next Tuesday (7th February).

Good luck!


Thank you so much for all your brilliant comments! Unfortunately there can only be one winner and AMARA have selected the winner as Miranda Melling. Congratulations Miranda!

This post was written in collaboration with Amara but all words, thoughts and photography is my own work.


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    I would love to win a set of this cutlery so that every meal time with our four children would be extra special plus my daughter said that eating with gold cutlery would make her a princess 😉 xx

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    Oh how gorgeous is The cutlery! I started obsessing over gold cutlery first afTer i saw a set at pop-up but dare i say that this is eveN prettier?! We have Redecorated our flat before christmas and im slowly UPDATING evrything with pieces and things that i really like. This set would be just the cherry on the top and how instagrammable too?

    Tatyana x

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    Liz N

    Would love the chance to win this set – Meal times currently Consist of baby food fiGhts and wiping mush off the dog So i long for a sophisticated meal with friends and family in the dining room with no chIldren! This cutlery would be the finsihing touch! Xx

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    Louise ray-rouse

    this cutlery is stunning. I am revamping my dining room and my ‘host waRe’ for 2017 and want to give my guests the wow factor. Please please let me be the lucky winner.

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    Sara mathews

    Omg do i deserve this?
    Yes, yes i do, i mean check out my email address …i love cookIng. I spent three whole days transforming my Second hand dining room table and chairs into things of beauty, simply crying out fOr gorgeous, funky cutlery. My dining room is dark green with morrocan lamps. imagine…with candle light and fabulous food and…gold cutlery. Swoon.
    Plus i do a really deserving job. i’m a bereavement counsellor – like that guy in The Fall.
    Ok not like that guy in the fall, but you know. Deserving.

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    Alli Williams

    The Amara cutlery would look amazing On my new garden room dining table, its the glamour if owning a posh set of cutlery that you use only to entertain and boy i love to cook.

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    That cutlery! Just stunning! I think i deserve it as i’Ve had a total chaNge this year and ditched my ‘proper job’ to become a pilates teacher so that i can work around the kids. So no money for treats and what a treat this cutlery would be! Plus what a way to end my 30’s – winning gold! ✨?✨

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    Rachel Childs

    Oh my , i would treasure this forever !
    So beautiful ! Matt but catches the light .
    Also love the way the knife stands up , havent seen this before. Cant wait to start planning some dinnerparties . Fingers crossed x

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    jenny sanders

    It would be amazing to win this beautiful set, not because i love to cook, but because i love to eat! currently knocking down walls and ripping up floors so something gold and shiny would help me focus on the end goal! x

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    Louise Skinner

    BecAuse (not sure why cant write in lower case- bit shouTy apols!) i am slowly turning My entire flat From lovely (but a little bit drab) monochrome into a riot of colour with bright pink and orange and this cutlery would be the ideal match!!!

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    Kate harris

    Because I still believe that when I grow up (even though I am 42!!) I will own a beautiful table set …. and no I wouldn’t keep it for best i would need to see and use this everyday xxxxx

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    Hannah keeble

    A gorgeous cutlery set like this would ensure the attention would be taken away from my errr, let’s say adequate, food (I’m still learning to get my cooking to be tasty and not only edible!) when I’m trying to host a sophisticated, fun dinner party – at least then my guests can say something generally nice about what I’ve set down in front of them, instead of the slightly awkward “mmm, did you try A new recipe again Hannah?! (Insert eye roll and red Face)”.
    And I wouldn’t mind the washing up so much if I get to look at these lovely pieces whilst I do it ?!

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    I’m moving house… everyone knows how painful, slow, frustrating, anxiety inducing moving houise is. so… surely a moving in present as luxurious and fabulous as the paloma cutlery set would ease the pain and give me a gorgeously trendy accent in my new kitchen. pretty please. 🙂 xxx

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    I just wrote a whole piece which has disappeared! here goes 2nd time lucky—

    I would love to win this cutlery set- it is genuinely the best cutlery I have ever seen! so much fancy and wedding cutlery is boring and heavy sterling silver- this is beautiful and would elevate every day mac and cheese to the best meal ever! like Erica, I don’t believe in saving the best for special occasions and think we should celebrate the everyday with this amara set! pretty please can I have it?? 🙂

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    Fabulous! like jewellery for your dining table.

    (Forgive the Capitals – caps lock stuck!) ;0/

    LBB x

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    Rachael Harvey

    Yikes ! i think im in love. If i was lucky enough to win it would mean i could chuck out my mis-matched supermarket bought cutlery , there’s prObably a feW hand me downs in There too
    I shall pray and wish xx

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    Zoe Cooper

    These would be great and would go well with the kitchen we’ll be getting soon! Can’t afford anything else though so this would be like the cherry on top!

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    ME, me, me!!!
    I’ve been googling ‘golden cUtlery’ for a while, i tend to do so during my sons various night feeds. I Bought a sofa the other night, mUch to my husbands dismay ?
    we have sPent the past 6 months tag-teaming eating dinner At the coffee table or on our laps (the shame)
    The day we have to retIre our waffle Butty Dinners will be bitter sweet but imagine our first proper meal sitting at a table being devoured with shiny, golden cutlery! Just ace, pick me!

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    Hello, I WOuld LOVE AND think deserve this set as I’m 44 this year and never owned a matching set of dinner PLATES / CUTTLERY. We love having friends and family around for dinner and everyone gets a different size / colour random setting. This would be perfect, I would finally feel like a grown UP! (Well maybe). XX

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    Beany threads

    I would love to win this gorgeous goLd cutlery set because i am you… i thought separAte yogs were Posh, thought i’d have a ‘best’ cutlery set. Well, i have some lovely napkins, buy packs of yogs but alas still have crappy student like ikea cutlery even though i am 45. ?? plus i’m a magpie. And this set is G.o.l.d.! My eyes are seeing ✨?✨ and i’m ever so slightly salivating at the thought of eating A pudfing with From those golden spoons ??

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    Sarah Jane hurst

    I LOVE this set. Doubt i am any more deserving than anyone else but It would totally go to a loving home. Plus its my first family home, which is so exciting. P.s i think you are fab x

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    GOld cutlery?! Just call me Queen Midas! InSpired by your Navy blue wall overhAul we are about To Do the saMe with a Living/dining room inky blue refreSh And thOse golden bad boys wouLd finish off Our Ercol dining room table very very nicely!! ❌?❌

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    Charlotte w

    Wow wow wow! This amara cutlery det is simply gorgeous; and everything i want/need in my life. With a big birthday of mine coming up i am hosting a dinner party for my nearest and dearest and this set would be the cherry on the cake for me. Crossing everything 🙂

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    katie woods

    Now, whilst i don’t believe i deserve this any more than anyone else, i certainly believe that it would be an amazing addition to the peach palace. One that would be cherished as iit should be. A treat saved for grown ups only, there would’nt be a chance the mini peaches would be using them to spoon out their multipack yoghurts! Oh lovely Paloma, i shall be keeping the Faith I will be lucky.

  • avatar

    Spandau Ballet once sang ‘these are my salad days’….words that define my life at the moment. Well, what better way to add significant glamour to my life than this stunning ‘GOLD’ cutlery set from Amara. Paloma would certainly brighten my world and transform my salad’s!

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  • avatar

    Oh for a little glam in my life! Love, love, love x

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    ErIn Johnson

    Ooooooh. I’d love to be the proud owNer of this stunning cutlery set. My hUbby and I are coming up to six years Married and nine together and whilst its a testment to ikea that the cuTlery we bought for our first home together is still going… it would be Absolutley wonderful to be able to upgrade to something altogether more lUxe – it would make every meal time lile all those first dates xx

  • avatar

    I would love love love to Win this gorgeous set – 9 months into a massive renovation it might just help to restore my Sanity and give us the push we need to sort out the building site that is our kItchen / diner to have somewhere worthy of eating with these BeaUties ?
    (Excuse caps my teChnologies marbles have clearly gone the same way as mine and are probably under a dust sheet somewhEre!!) xx

  • avatar

    Oh wow. Such a pretty set! I would love to win these as after moving into to my first Rented flaT on my own, im still eating With the same cheap set My dad bought me when i set off for university. Its embarrassing, so yeah, send help! Fingers crossed! X

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    My name is China, I live in a cupboard next to porcelain- porcelain goes out to a table near us four times a day…I want to go out more- these golden utensils will allow me to have a new life that I am meant for- please come and live with me golden cutlery set- I will cherish you forever! ?

  • avatar

    I dont think it would be just my five year old describIng these as ‘real fancy’ … we’ve been living in a kitchen building site for almost two years, and apArt from the floor it just needs a few extra special acessories to finally say ‘we have a kitchen’ … help me ditch my ikea plastic Cutlery just that little bit quicker xxx

  • avatar

    this Amara cutlery would look wonderful on my dining room table…

  • avatar

    my name is china and i live in a cupboard next to porcelain , my cousin.

    Porcelain goes out three times a day, but i need gold utensils to accompany me to the dinner taBLE.


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    i love gold in my house – It’s my 2nd year anniversary after moving in and i’m currently redoing my dining room in rose gold and gold accents so this would be perfect to fit with my new crockery set.

  • avatar

    I’d love to win these, I already have the green tumblers! As a first time new one owner, I’m skint. And probably will be for a while. Pick me, pick me, pick me! ?

  • avatar
    Jenny hopwood

    because i’m just about to move into my very own, very cute, 127 year old mid terrace after 18
    Months living back with mY parents ?‍?‍? i have a cOucH but no bed, 4 dining chairs but no table, crOckery but no cutlery (!). It’s a hugelY EXCITING work in progress and this set just makes mY heart ? and my eyes go ?

  • avatar

    I LOVE the shape of that cutlery, and the soft gold color. Yes please!

  • avatar

    I’d love to win this set as silver cutlery just won’t cut it anymore. It seems obvious now that a wooden dining table filled with colourful crockery, beautiful daffodils and potted plants require a golden toned set! So thEse would do nicely ❤

  • avatar
    Hannah ROBINSON

    I have aBout 30 seconds to tell you why i deserve this gorgeous cutlery set as my daughter is on the cusp of an almighty melt down… i probably deserve it because ive given up my job to look after my Baby and therefoRe now have to ask my husband before i buy anything beautiful and Usually get told to stop being ridiculous. So, mainly because i earn no money and eat off owl shaped spoons most days!! (Im unsure why this is all in capitals.. im not shouting, honest… screaming inside maybe…!) xxx

  • avatar

    Hello! Lovely read as ever and I love how you have styled these with your grown up linen napkins…I have taught one good thing to my 7 year old daughter and that is linen over paper rules!
    I would love to win this gorgeous set as quite frankly they would make meals wonderful – and actually I would use them all the time – too good to be hidden away! Good luck everyone ?

  • avatar
    ROsie gibbons

    Of course i’D love to win this beautiful cutlery. I never win anything, probably wont win this either, hence My attempt. When i got married my dinner service was wedgewood Cornucopia which has a gold edge. It never looked right with stainless silverware i always thought. And here i am. Trying not to pleaD. But pleading anyway.

    Thank you in anticipation.

  • avatar

    Well i’m not sUre i deserve it but i reAlly, really, really would love to win Such lovely things. My current cutlery is something i pIcked up in Tkmaxx and while iT’s Very practical iTs hardly luXe. And i’m 42 and Getting my shit tOgether so i Should haVe a bit of luxe. Also my phone forcing me to write in all Caps for sOme reason…am not shouting x

    • avatar

      Well now it’s not all caps just crazy letters 🙁

  • avatar
    Lucy harrison

    I love this set and if i win i promise to eat single pots of yoghurt with it!

  • avatar
    Beth dickinsOn

    I would literalllllyyy love this! It would make my lazy teaTime omElette a little bit more glam!

  • avatar
    Aylie cooke

    THis is a dreamy set of cutlerY (CapItalised because i Can’t seem to write in lower case here but i do mean it emphatically!). One of my hobbies is setting a beautiful table (even if it’s only cheese and toast for supper). With a 3.5 year old girl we love to keep the ceremony of table setting together and she would particularly love the glamour of thIs set. It would be used all the timE (extra big capitals). And the 11th happens to be my birthday and gifts from strangers are extra special…

  • avatar

    I decided early on in Life that i Marriage just isn’t for me. don’t get me wrOng, i love a wedding but i Prefer the role of ‘tipsy guest’. However, it recently dawned on me that no wedding of my own = no wedding presentS, which as a materalistic perSon, was a tough pill to sWallow.

    This led me to turn to my boyfriend, all wide-eyed and whisper, “maybe we SHOULD get married. For the presents”. As you can imagine, he looked abSolutely terriFied.

    Therefore, not only would i adore this cutlery set because it is divine but i think it would help starve off my present cravings and perhaps put a halt to an unwanted wedding too.

  • avatar
    Anouska M

    This Set would look stonkingly good In our new kitchen/dining room!!! after just bUying Our first house, Weve DOne the whoLe strong dark wall thing (dark blue)….and metallics are just the thing to complement the tOnes – Also thinking About it theY would Be juSt the bling to show off at our house warming Dinner party, well cheese and wine night – because who doesnt love that?! – AM

  • avatar

    Absolutely Beautiful ! I would love to win this stunning Set . It Would certainly give our mealtimes The wow factor ?

  • avatar
    Karen o’rourke

    Wow, wow,, wow ?I would love to win this adorable cutlery aNd give my Meal times the midas touch!

  • avatar

    I would LOVE this gorgeous set!! I’ve been “NAGGING” for so long that we “need” a cutlery set for BEST! OUR cutlery drawer is full of plastic spoons and FORKS (for the CHILDREN) and a very old set bought from TKMAXX. I need new pretty things to stop the kids stuff taking over! X

  • avatar
    Louise holland

    Wow Amara & Erica Davies! This cutlery is just beautiful. I live on a working farm where life can be quite mucky and the very opposite of glamorous but I would dearly love to own this gorgeous set… I think the matte gold would look amazing in so many different settings, on so many different dining tables. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! xx

  • avatar

    I would love to win this particular set to finally replace the plastic spoons I still use Which cam with the aforementioned (in my case) six pack of yoghurts. The time is right now that I am finally moving into my first (still cannot believe it) own apartement after having liVed with flatmates for nearly a decade.
    It doesn’t hurt that it will go nicely with all my gold-rimmed plates that I have accumulated over the last years on fleamarket hunts.
    Now, seriously. I Absolutely love this Particular set – the zAra one just didn’t do it for me from the ergonomic point of vieW.

  • avatar
    Mairead Stickings

    Wow .. so beautiful .. the ultimate indulgence .. gold cutlery .. where everything I touch could turn to gold.. yes getting carried away but these would brighten up our dinner time no end .. just eating my bowl of porridge with a gold spoon in the morning would be gold star staRt to my day x

  • avatar
    Emma mcdonald

    I don’t have any matching CUTLERY…Just remnants of about 4 sets interspersed with some multi coloured plastic VERSIONS too?I would love this beautiful set to make our dining MOMENTS feel special (And properly grown up!!)!!

  • avatar
    Hannah otto

    If i dreamt about cutlery, im pretty sure this would be it. It’s stunning.

    Maybe tonight i will?!!

  • avatar
    Amanda Kilbride

    I’d love to Win this cutlery set as we are still using the cutlery set I owned when i was a student. Yes it is over 20 years old!
    **adds more drama**
    The little peeling silver pieces that come off in your mouth when We are eating Are most likely killing us slowly.
    Oh and its really Purty too.
    Oh oh and i like to make my friends jealous.

  • avatar
    Katie SmitH

    After not having our own home for 18 months and crashing with famIly (with our then 3 year-old) and subsequently going through a horrendous process to buy Our forever home (tHe sellers were sadly not the nicest of people to deal with) we eventually Completed on our home last may. After months of renovatiOn worK because much of the house was In its original 1930’s state, we are in! And it’s wonderful. The gorgeous gold set would go perfectly in my newly decorated Juniper ash dining room – as inspired by you erica! ThaNk you! X

  • avatar

    I Moved into an old House that needs a lot of work. Its little things like new cutlery that Are really cheerimg me up as i habe to be patient with the rest! This would make my day ?

  • avatar
    Fiona G

    I love the individuality, SIMPLICITY and sheer “goldness” of this cutlery. How could this cutlery not elevate my dining table! I have always been drawn to the less ordinary pieces in life and as we are currently building our new home we are only going fill it with the things we really love and enjoy so this would be the perfect addition.

  • avatar

    One Word, stunning. The Cutlery that is, not me.
    Surely every girl deserves a set like this in their lIfe, right? I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed ??

  • avatar

    nObody needs gold forks do they? And travelling in india edpecially makes this plaIn. But … The thing i notiCe here the most? Colour, joy, spontAneity, taking gulps out of life whether you sell popped corn with sides of sprouts and Chilli or sway along Glittering rice fields in a fuscia Sari. Bring on the Gold.

  • avatar

    A sparkly new gold cutlery set would be the icing on the cake to moving in to the first flat with my partner! I would feel extremely fancy bringing this divine set to the table, literally! X

  • avatar

    I would love to win this SET, as i have been trying to convince my husband that our mismatched 16 year old cutlery set could do with an update (why is it that I keep losing FORKS – where do they go??). If I win it then he can’t argue that it’s an indulgence right? 😉 fingers crossed x

  • avatar
    Faye Knights

    I WOULD love this cutlery set for no other reason than to enjoy it, love it and show it off!
    Plus I never got a wedding set much to my mother’s upset 😉 10 years on and she still mentions it!

    Faye xx

  • avatar
    Sarah bell

    I superlove the gold cutlery set, it is divine. we have just finished decorating the kitchen with black units with gold/bronze hi-lights. there wasn’t sufficient budget left to buy new crockery and cutlery (we unexpectedly had to have our chimney breast wall reinforced, but isn’t that always the way with renovations) and this set would just be the perfect finishing touch for the dinner parties i can now throw.

  • avatar

    Heavens alive…they make my heart sing just to look at them. At present, our cutlery drawer resembles that of a tired staffroom. Current highlights include a Free Petit Filous spoon that I can’t quite seem to part with just yet (Yes…send help!) & to be fair, a rather impressive aRray of mottled Tommee Tippee spooNs. All attempts to jazz things up with random sets of porcelain/pottEry-style handled grown-up cutlery are thwarted by My Husband who seems to drop and smash Them at regular intervals. despair is setting in Folks! ?

  • avatar

    I fondly refer to my house as the pretty prison- being poorly I rarely get out, so my mission is to bring the outside in. Having spent my childhood holidays in the forests in my mother’s native finland, there is a bit of a foresty/ fairy tale sensibility to my home, which did not arise intentionally, but because my unconscious feels at home in such an aesthetic. But with a passion for interiors which is drip fed through instagram/ pinterest/ the internet (mainly erica davies!), it is also contemporary, with glints of gold and copper, and pops of brights. And yeah, Pantone colour of the year- greenery- I do believe I may even be regarded as a trend setter! I am currently setting up an interiors website, based on my (ok, William Morris’) principle that nothing should enter a home unless it is both beautiful and useful, advising on mixing budget buys and investment pieces, and encouraging trust in only buying things that make your heart sing. I have had my eye on this cutlery for a while now as it is so blooming delightful, and I know it would look so damn fine in my little home, and bring me and my visiting friends and clients, untold joy. It is like the love child of beyonce and fairy tales. In a good way.

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    Helen G

    These are so beautiful, as much as it would pain me, I would gift them to my sister-in-law as a wedding gift this autumn. I’m all heart 🙂

  • avatar

    because I’ve just lost my job and if i’ve got to live off beans on toast for a bit, I’d much prefer to scoff them in style!

  • avatar
    Racheal Edwards

    I havent got a family nor have i recently refurbished my flat but i am Trying make it As a grown-up in 2017 and i think this cuTlery could well and truly put me on the golden path.
    ????(these in gold)

  • avatar

    I Absolutely love gold cutlery, i’m actually hiring some for my wedding but its nowhere near as lovely as this set. the colour, the shape, everything about it is fab. oh please can i have it x

  • avatar

    I’d like this gold cutlery as i’ve never seen it before but i think it would go with everthing and be a real talking point. it would also jazz up that moment when people pop over, your house looks like a bomb has hit it and you are wondering what you can offer them to look like a good host. the gold cutlery would dazzle them and detract from the random concoction of things you knock up.
    it would put a smile on my face everyTIME I OPEN THE CUTLERY DRAW!

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    Deborah Leigh

    There is the fact that my house mate is moving out next weekend and taking the cutlery with her. That is not the reason that I’d love this set though. The reason is that it’s gorgeous and my dinner table needs a touch of glamour. I will now have the house to myself and would love to wow dinner guests with this beautiful cutlery set.

  • avatar
    ViCtoria hiGham

    i’d so love to win. My cutlery dRAwer needs some sErious smartenIng up and these are so dreamy. My teaspoons are running at about 4/8. Where Do they go? I’d be KeePing my eye on tHese, that’s for sure. PleAse pick me 🙂 and sorry for the shouty caps! X

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