I’m having a thing about…wooden platters


All mango wood platters featured above, Sainsburys (some not online, but all in store)

What’s that, you say? Wooden platters? What? Yes! I have a serious thing about them.

In fact, I’m now planning areas of the kitchen (when we can afford to get it done), where I am considering showcasing such things.

Rather like these rustic collections.

Images: Welke | 101Deer
Images: Detuinkamer | Facilisimo | Bloglovin

I’m a big fan of unusual collections (I’ve written about it before here) and I love the fact that quite ordinary pieces can be collected and used together in a creative way.

Rather than trawling junk shops or eBay, I have found some amazing mango wood platters (some with marble detail!) that look fantastic as a collection – and they’re all by Sainsburys.

I’ve got the ones in the shots here, the Marble Pebble Board (middle, £18), the Long Two Tone Paddle Board (bottom, £16) and the by Sainsbury’s Marble & Acacia Long Board (top, £16) and am delighted with all of them. They look super expensive – and work so nicely altogether.


If you’re like me and find Christmas party canape arrangements a bit of a conundrum, worry no more.

I’ll be laying all my party food / bread / pizza slices and cooked meats out on this little collection.

And in the meantime, they will be artistically arranged in the kitchen!


platters3 The wooden boards as seen at the Sainsburys press day



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    Must say they are rather lovely, got the paddle one a few weeks ago, purely for decoration of course ! 😉

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      Decorations with purpose – it’s a thing! x

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    Gah! Put one in my online basket and they sold out there and then! Have they only gone online today? Must be your influence Erica! x

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