The military coat that will command your attention


Navy fur military coat | Black jeans | Black polo neck | Three strap shoes | Burgundy clutch | All items from Wallis | Photography: Amber Rose


Autumn in London is pretty special. If you can get past the fact it rains a lot, there are some amazing events – ice skating at Somerset House, for one. I mean, hello! Gluhwein!

When we lived in London, one of my favourite places to visit – and not just for the great shopping – was the Kings Road. Every single street off the main thoroughfare is a house obsessive’s dream. White stucco terraces, beautiful, grand entrances and black, shiny railings – all just a few steps from some of the greatest shopping streets in the capital.


And when it comes to the shopper there, anything goes – from full-on couture, right through to great British high street.

I’m wearing exactly that in these images – all from Wallis.

The navy blue coat is right up my street – from the very on-trend military style, to the maxi length and the fur (faux, obvs) trimmed collar. Now it’s quite a statement all on its own, so I’ve kept things simple by sticking to classic black. The polo neck is really lovely, with some popper detail on the shoulders. I teamed it with simple straight leg jeans (with a good amount of stretch, because, needed) and classic mid heel three strap shoes. Yes, I have a problem with buying three strap shoes.

The coat pulls the whole thing together – and so if anyone asks me to take it off, I don’t think I will. It’ll be like that episode of Sex & The City where Carrie’s asked to take her shoes off at a house party and she can’t deal with that idea ruining her ‘look.’

Adding a splash of burgundy with this clutch just adds a pop of autumnal colour to this Kings Road, house-stalking outfit.


This post was in association with Wallis, but all words, thoughts, styling is my own. All photography is by Amber Rose.

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