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The Edited / Erica Davies

To me, plants MAKE a home. Whether you have a green finger or not, adding layers of foliage will lift your space and add interest to little corners.

Basically, plants are natural works of art – and do pretty much the same job of upping your aesthetics game within your home.

If you follow me on Instagram, you won’t have failed to notice that I am quite partial to a houseplant or three. I love them so much, I give them names.

It took me weeks to track down Frank the Fiddle Fig (Ficus Lyrata), while Derek the cactus was languishing (and covered in cobwebs) in the corner of a garden centre cafe before I took him home.

So I am thrilled and delighted to be working with  and West Elm London this week offering personalised plant styling advice.

The Edited / Erica Davies

From left to right: Chinese evergreen in small cement pot with saucer, Cos x Hay | Zamioculcas in large engraved pot, India May Home | Cacti in ceramic pot, Conran | Aloe Vera in terracotta pot, Wyevale garden centre | Cyclamen in cement pot, Cos x Hay | Dracaena in rattan basket, La Redoute | All plants,

The Edited / Erica Davies

I’ll be down at the West Elm store during the Fitzrovia Festival of Furniture to give a personal shopping service with a green fingered twist – by offering advice on how to creatively add houseplants into your own home.

Two key things I always consider when adding plants to a space are the pots (almost as important as the plant) and the grouping. For me, more is more. Check out five of my top plant styling tips below.

The Edited / Erica Davies


Photo Credits: Conservatory Archives | Elle Deco France | Bloesem blog | Mxodern | MedinaLand | My Scandinavian Home
Photo Credits: Conservatory Archives | Elle Deco France | Bloesem blog | Mxodern | MedinaLand | My Scandinavian Home
  • Plants soften contemporary spaces by bringing texture and colour inside. Think about them as you would a piece of art or an ornament, lifting and adding an extra dimension to the space.
  • Have fun with your planters – choosing the right style is just as important as finding the right plant for your space! I’ve found brass containers in reclamation yards that look great with my Fiddle Fig potted inside it.
  • Cement planters are the most on-trend way to show off your plants – West Elm’s cement bowls on wooden legs will make a statement with indoor trees like Polyscias and Pachira . But a good old terracotta plant pot will always look chic – it’s like the classic LBD of pots.
  • Take inspiration from your room colour in choosing the best pot for your plant. It’s a real opportunity to pull a room scheme together and I think of them as I would a cushion, by mixing print and pattern together in similar tones or colours. I’ve used outdoor pots inside the house as they’ve worked well with the colours.
  • When grouping together, always go for the rule of odd numbers – in threes or fives. It just works – and looks – better. Grouping gives a greater impact to the space.

Shoppers who make use of West Elm’s Personal Plant Shopping service will be offered complimentary personalised styling advice (and a free houseplant subject to availability with any purchases made from West Elm’s Mid Century capsule collection). You can book an appointment here or walk in to check availability. If you already have an appointment with the home stylist team at West Elm London, you will automatically be offered the personal plant shopper experience.

To celebrate the cool Plant Styling Pop-up space at West Elm during Fitzrovia Festival of Furniture, West Elm are generously offering a voucher worth £250 to spend at their store. To enter and for more information, please visit


This post is in collaboration with The Joy Of Plants, but all words, photography and styling are my own unless otherwise specified.

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