Getting over my fear of home hair dyes with Garnier Olia


I’m a working mum with a realistic amount of time to spend on beauty treatments and more specifically, on my hair. And let’s get even more specific than that. There is very little time.

Over the years I have coloured my hair at hair salons all around London, but having recently moved out to the country, I struggle to cope with the upkeep of my roots – and more recently, the grey. I mean, seriously. Grey.

Factor in the travel time to and from London – and it’s game over for a quick roots fix.

Earlier in the Summer I was invited to a dinner hosted by Fearne Cotton for Garnier’s Olia colour hair dye range.

Fearne was being unveiled as the latest face of the brand – and also revealing her new hair colour – as chosen by her social media followers.

Fearne sitting opposite me at the Olia dinner, at the stunning Bourne & Hollingsworth location.


On hand to help guide us through the Olia colour choices (there are 35 colourways), was celebrity stylist Lisa Laudat (pictured with me below) – who has tended the hair of Cheryl Cole, Ella Henderson and Leona Lewis amongst others.

She assessed my hair and suggested I go for colour 9.3, which is a soft golden blonde that would lift my roots and existing blonde highlights. Incidentally, it’s also the colour Fearne dyed hers.


Armed with the knowledge imparted by Lisa AND the fact this could be a time AND money-saving life lesson, I was ready to experience it myself.

But frankly, I was terrified. The last time I dyed my hair on my own was when I was fourteen. And then add a comedy experience at university when three male friends asked me to bleach their locks blonde, based on the fact I worked as a Saturday girl at a hair salon. The results were more Mick Hucknell than Kurt Cobain.


These were the before shots. Lots of root, plenty of grey coming through and a desperate need to get sorted.

One packet of Olia 9.3, an old towel, some slightly sinister gloves, thirty minutes and following the instructions to the letter, these images show the results.


It’s still quite rooty, but actually that’s more my application than anything as it has definitely lifted all around my hairline, got rid of noticeable greys and thanks to the oil powered dye, it feels softer and looks shinier than before.

I would definitely try it again. In fact, one of the many, many comments I received after documenting my dye process on Instagram stories was someone suggesting that you could knock back salon visits to once every twelve weeks, topping up roots with home dye (and saving a fortune) every four weeks.

Either way, I was impressed.

For more details on the Olia Effect, check out the site here.

I worked with Olia on this post, but all thoughts, words, photos and opinions are my own.


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