My Style: The Ukrainian bohemian dress for under £60

New in embroidered dress, Zara
New in embroidered dress, Zara

I love a bargain. And I love an embroidered dress (particularly of Eastern European extraction – see previous posts here and here).

So when the fashion stars align and the two come together – I am ON IT LIKE A CAR BONNET.

Step forward Zara – it had to be really didn’t it? – who are the first high street store to get on board the vyshyvanka train. It’s a trend that sure doesn’t show any sign of slowing down – so it’s brilliant that you can now get the look for under £60.


Dress: Zara | Shoes, Zara (old season, now available in black)


And yes – it has now joined a small embroidered collection in my wardrobe – including this red tunic from Free People and grey blouse from Wonder & Weaver.

Another to mention is from hot, under-the-radar bargain label Storets. Although considering every fashion editor and blogger out there is obsessing over their sophisticated pieces, it won’t stay that way for long.

I actually bought this dress – but just cancelled the order after buying the Zara version. Because really, how many do I need!? But at $89 it’s pretty amazing – you just need to remember that FedEx will charge you for customs fees afterwards.

Karla embroidered dress, Storets
Karla embroidered dress, Storets

And slightly more expensive (but GORGEOUS) are these, as sold by fashion stylist Emma Crick through her Instagram page.


I tried this one and was completely in love with it – but new carpets don’t come cheap and I have to prioritise! Emma can source lots of different colourways and have them made bespoke to your own preference too. You can contact her here.

And another brand to try is Forberini – again, slightly more expensive, but a little more authentic. And who could resist this for the last few weeks of Summer?

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    Syl Tang

    Hey so I tried to click on the Emma links but they didn’t work. Any other ideas on how to reach her/see her stuff? thanks in advance p.s. I have the Zara dress too. No one in NY seemed to know (!?!) so the rack is full.

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