My Style: Summer jackets and office-appropriate print clashing


‘Iden’ Jacket, Custommade (coming online and in store very soon) | ‘Nantika Dress’ (worn as blouse), Custommade | Skirt, Marks & Spencer (old season, similar here) | Shoes, Julia Mays | ‘Gia’ silver Bag, M Hulot | Sunglasses, ASOS | All photos: Eleanor Skan


It is a truth universally acknowledged that I am a BIG old fan of a print clash. Throw me a jumble-sale ready collection of prints and patterns and I will hunt and seek out those that tone and work together until I find things that work.

Perhaps it’s all those years as a fashion editor experimenting on photo-shoots that’s given me confidence, but clashing prints done well totally inspire me (I love seeing street-style images on Pinterest for inspiration).

The main thing to remember is to keep tones consistent. Play with proportion and have fun with the prints – if the tones and colours all complement each other then it’ll look great. Unless you’re a minimalist, in which case you will HATE this post!


The jacket and blouse I’m wearing here are by Danish print clash kings Custommade. This ‘Iden’ jacket (which is coming online soon) is the perfect shape for summer weather – particularly if you’re based in an office and have to look smart every day but can’t face a full-on long-sleeved coat in the heat.

I’ve teamed them both with an old M&S skirt and added an additional bold colour with these amazing shoes by new designer Julia Mays.

They’re in a colourway called Sicilian Red, but CAN WE JUST DISCUSS HOW COMFORTABLE THEY ARE?! Bearing in mind I am RUBBISH in heels, I could have danced in these. And I could definitely have walked further than taxi to restaurant.

I have borrowed these beauties to try and am genuinely a bit sad I have to send them back! Check out her line here.


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    What an lovely jacket! I had one just like this. I loved the sleeves! This kimono cut is the best one for summer.

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      It’s lovely isn’t it? I love! x

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