I’m having a thing about: pom pom trimmings

Images: Nina Suess | Pinterest
Images: Nina Suess | Pinterest

I’m not sure whether you’ll find a more cheery trimming than a pom-pom.

In these strange days of ‘is it summer yet? No but really, IS it?’ adding a little jolly row of fluffy balls to an outfit will surely boost your mind every but as much as the sunshine. Surely.

I’m DELIGHTED by pom poms. I would say if an item is adorned with them, I am 99.9% more likely to buy it.

So if you’re with me – and frankly need a jolt in the mood uplifting stakes – then check out these beauties, available now.

And if you want to make your own, my very lovely friend Christine (she’s an über talented crafter / art director and even designed my blog logo!) has just launched her own book on this very subject. You can buy it here.


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Skirt, Zara | Shoes, ASOS | Sweatshirt, Milk It Vintage at ASOS | Shirt, Zara | Bag, ASOS

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    That shirt from Zara is so nice! I am not a big fan of pom-poms but I like this shirt.

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    lifestyle lodestar

    Love the blue pom pom heels – so fun they remind me of the Monse black and white pom pom flat sandals.

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