Weekend exploring with the new Jaguar F-PACE (spon)


We’re a two car family. One is a pretty old banger that owes us nothing and which my husband now uses as a train station drop n’ park, while the other is the family motor. Which I cannot say in any other way than a Del Boy comedy voice.

I take ownership of this during the week for school drop offs, pick ups, Sainsbury’s runs, swimming trips, play dates. I mean, etcetera, etcetera, you all get it.

So far, so mundane, right? But recently we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try out Jaguar’s brand new performance SUV, called the F-PACE. And HELLO? Somebody try to stop me!

I’m by no means a petrol head. Although I am DEFINITELY way more into cars than my other half, who didn’t really see the point of us getting our nice family motor (Del Boy again) until fairly recently.

However, I’ve never seen him react to anything on four-wheels the way he did on first seeing the F-PACE parked in the drive.


Can’t say I blame the reaction, it’s quite a piece of kit. Basically it’s a sports car, wrapped up in an SUV body which makes it the perfect family car. Great for putting the pedal to the metal on motorway driving for us, while offering comfort and space for the little folk.

It comes with an activity key, which is waterproof and hard-wearing. This means you can have your car keys on you at all times – even in the shower. There’s also a more conventional key fob, which can just stay in the car as everything is operated via the activity key. And you don’t need the key at all to start the car – just push and press the pedal.

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We took the car for a spin to the beach, passing these beautiful fields on the way.

The leather interior felt sumptuous and I loved the touch-screen navigation, which was really easy to use. Our current car doesn’t have SatNav, so I rely on Google Maps on my phone and it drives me (sorry) mad.

Another clever feature which worked brilliantly for us, was the touch-free boot opening device for the driver. You just show your foot under the rear flank and the boot opens or closes – amazing if you have fourteen bags of shopping, then the kids pass you their buckets and spades. And you’re holding a hot coffee. That kind of thing.


For more details on the Jaguar F-PACE check out the website here.

This post was written in association with Jaguar, but all photography, words and thoughts are my own work.

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    WOW – it looks AMAZING!

    I’m on the hunt for a bigger car at the moment and, while I don’t think this will be in my price bracket, it truly is gorgeous. I’m going to also assume you purposely matched your nails and lips to the paintwork 😉

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      I am ALWAYS ready to match the car paintwork, Alice. ALWAYS! X

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