My Style: The peasant blouse that’s making me very happy


CREDITS: Blouse, Wonder & Weaver | Skirt, ASOS | Bag, Cambridge Satchel Company | Sunglasses, ASOS


The irony of all this – the embroidered blouse of which I am currently obsessed – is that they are called ‘peasant blouses.’

I say ironic because some of the brands offering these exquisite, folk-inspired linen styles retail for an eye-watering £1500.


One of the most expensive is by Vyshyvanka by Vita Kin – and since I spotted her designs last Summer (which I wrote about here, incidentally in a post that went viral in Romania!) I’ve been lusting after my own version.

Nothing if not relentless in my pursuit of a fashion bargain, I’ve finally found a brilliant version that is going to make me happy for a very long time.

The one I’m wearing is from Wonder & Weaver, a brand I first became aware of on Instagram.

Yes, there is a chance you end up looking like you’re dressed in some kind of Slavic national costume, but for those of you who err on the side of bohemian (like me) they are the ultimate in blouses.

This one is a linen and cotton mix – and given that it is a tenth of the price of the Vita Kin versions, the embroidery is not hand stitched, but done via a machine.

But with billowy sleeves and the all-important tassle detail, it’s already one of those wardrobe pieces that I know I’ll wear with everything from smart, tailored trousers to jeans.

I’ve also found several stores on Etsy offering amazing Vita Kin-inspired Vyshyvanka blouses AND dresses, but for a couple of hundred pounds rather than thousand. So tempted by the dresses….

Check out the links below, along with more of my favourite picks at all price points.






Top row from left to right: UkranianArtsCrafts on Etsy | H&M | Match 11 at Net-A-Porter

Bottom row from left to right: EmbroideredDream on Etsy | Vita Kin at Matches | ASOS




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    I bought the H&M one a few weeks ago for my Summer box. Once again you have this (every) style nailed.. am seriously coveting your style, every post, every time. Great work, Audrey x

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    Love these! Am intrigued to know if anyone has bought any of the etsy ones as I am very tempted….

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      Me too!!!

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    I just ordered this one:

    But love the ASOS one as well.

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      That’s lovely!

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    I really like your outfit, the blouse is really cool!

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    I’ve just ordered from Etsy. Fingers are CROSSED!

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      LET ME KNOW! I am SO tempted by the dress!!!

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    Just took the plunge and ordered a dress from Ukrainian Arts and Crafts on etsy! Will report back in 4-6 weeks when it arrives (fingers crossed!)

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