Five on Wednesday #5



CREDITS: Black lace insert midi dress, & Other Stories | Lights, Camera, Action Lip Glossy by Rosie at Marks & Spencer | Marble effect earrings, Jaeger | Bunny plimsolls, Minna Parikka at ASOS | Ponyhair whipstitch cross body bag, Topshop

Despite pestering mum for years, I wasn’t allowed my ears pierced until I was 16. So when it actually happened, I went mad with my babysitting money in Claire’s Accessories. These days I am a little more selective about what I hang from my lobes, veering between chandeliers, hoops or statement studs. But I have been LIVING in these earrings from Jaeger. They’re marble effect, so what’s not to love, because we’re all obsessed with marble, right? I like them most when I’m wearing my hair in a bun because they make me feel pulled together even if I have barely had time to wash my hair. For some reason, they just work with absolutely everything.

Every year I say I don’t need another one, but then & Other Stories knocks another black, boho frock out of the park and I NEED it. It’s happened again with this one. It’s the perfect length and style – cute enough to wear with flat sandals and messy plaits, or with a slick of red lipstick, a chandelier earring and strappy heel. It also comes in white, which is gorgeous too, but probably best for those without a clingy, chocolate obsessed four-year old and her sticky fingers.

Talking of whom, why should the little ones have all the sartorial fun? Sometimes a bit of kitsch is good for the soul. That’s what I reckon anyway! These Minna Parikka plimsolls have ears for the tongue and a cottontail on the back. HELLO! Perfect for Easter – and very cute for a bit of fun on your feet.

Rosie is the latest collection for the ever-growing beauty hall at Marks & Spencer, which is – if you haven’t been in store or online yet – becoming a beauty junkie’s go-to. This is the Lip Glossy pencil, which I have been wearing on repeat in LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION. It’s a jelly soft red lip gloss with a cushiony feel, so doesn’t dry out your lips like lipstick can – without being too glossy. It gives lips brilliant colour with a smooth finish. I want the other colours now too.

And finally, this bag is new in at Topshop and with a long, thin strap you can tuck in to make a clutch, this 70’s / animal hybrid is perfect for day or night. I love.

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    Gah! I have the plain black whipstitch bag … how was I to know they were going to release the supermodel version of it a couple of weeks after! I might have to get this one too!

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      It’s good isn’t it!? x

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