Five on Wednesday #4


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: ‘Between The Sheets’ lipstick, Charlotte Tilbury | Marble acetate green sunglasses, & Other Stories | Parure Gold rejuvenating effect foundation, Guerlain | ‘Juliette’ mid-heel shoes, Topshop | Cactus vase by Marie Michielssen at La Redoute

Are cacti the new succulent? Or from a design perspective, are they the new pineapple?

I’m asking because JUST today I have spotted guest towels and shower curtains emblazoned with a cactus motif in H&M, a cool blouse in Zara (not online annoyingly, but I will post on my Instagram) and a dress in & Other Stories. It’s the cowboy motif that’s having a bit of a spike in popularity (#sorrynotsorry) – and I love it. Mainly though, I love this kitsch vase from La Redoute. It’s one of three different sizes so you could collect them all – or, you could be like me and opt for the biggest. I’m thinking it will look great set against inky blue walls once I’ve decorated the living room.

Now, I appreciate quite a few of you are really not on board with my appreciation for all things nana shoe. The mid-heel might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I for one am fully embracing any kind of shoe which doesn’t make walking an ordeal. The chic, grey version from Topshop have been completely accepted into my wardrobe – and while I missed out on these velvet beauts, the store have just released THESE. HELLO! I won’t be making that mistake again, so these (called ‘Juliette’) are winging their merry way to me right now – expect to see on Instagram, with everything, soon.

As you all (probably) know by now, I love a lipstick. And a blow-dry, but mainly, a lipstick. Generally I go through seasonal phases, so at the moment the one I reach for most consistently is ‘Vintage Red’ by Bobbi Brown. But thanks to the current obsession for anything dusky pink, I am thoroughly enjoying ‘Between The Sheets’ by Charlotte Tilbury. It’s the perfect dreamy, vintage shade for Spring. The name was thought up by Charlotte’s social media followers too.

Another make-up product that will get me, whatever the price (kinda) is anything with the word ‘rejuvenating’ in the title. That and ‘luminous,’ because frankly, ain’t nobody who doesn’t want some of that in their life, am I right? Anyway, Sali Hughes posted the most gorgeous picture of her face on Instagram recently and said that Guerlain’s Parure Gold rejuvenating effect foundation was her ‘favourite foundation in literally a decade.’ Super high praise indeed. So I hot-footed it to Oxford Street where I tried, I loved and I purchased. It’s not cheap, but the lovely, even coverage settles to a really dewy, glowy effect – and I have been so pleased with the results on my tired, sun-deprived mush.

And finally, full disclosure, I bought these & Other Stories sunglasses online because I ADORED them and I am definitely having a moment with sunglasses (statement styles make it so easy to transform an outfit in seconds). But when they arrived they did absolutely nothing for my face. GUTTED. So I am featuring here because I still love them and want to live vicariously through you all. So please buy them and then tag me in your gorgeous, pouting, sunglass-heaven selfie so I can weep silently, but then send you all the heart eye emojis. Go.

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    I was looking for a pink lipstick the other day. Talking about some other stuff I am looking for is an exfoliating cream.

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