I’m having a thing about … a cafe with mismatched, vintage china


So there’s a definite trend. The little French cafe down the road from me serves the best cappuccino and pain au chocolat – and they deliver them on vintage, mismatched china that the owner picks up in charity shops.

At the weekend we took the in-laws to a gorgeous independent nursery, on a tiny plot that made the most of every inch of space. It even included a cafe, dispatching delicious homemade cakes and soups from its tiny on-site kitchen.

And yes, you guessed it – they arrived on vintage, mismatched china.We’ve been invited to several weddings where the bride had painstakingly and lovingly raided local second-hand stores, auctions and charity shops over the course of months to find tea sets, side plates and gravy jugs to go with the shabby chic theme.

And the joy of nana chic never fails to delight.

The china in my local cafe
The china in my local http://buyingphenterminenow.com cafe

Part granny, a whole lot stylish, this trend has got me scoping out eBay for plates and tea cups that I can pull out when we have guests.

And in the meantime I’m re-jigging my kitchen’s open plan shelves so I can show them off.

Check out charity shops for old-fashioned tea sets or odd plates that could start your collection. And if you fancy something a little different, I am obsessed with Alijoe’s upcycled vintage pieces like these. And check out Lou Rota (available on Amara here), for gorgeous, quirky china with a totally vintage feel.

Once you’ve started looking for them, you won’t be able to stop. Guaranteed.

Here are some inspirational ways to show off your collection.

Images: Pinterest | Vintage House | A Beautiful Mess
Images: Pinterest | Vintage House | A Beautiful Mess
Images: Eclectically Vintage | Apartment Therapy | Eatwell
Images: Eclectically Vintage | Apartment Therapy | Eatwell
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    Please stop telling people about the Alexandra. I won’t be able to get a table soon, much less one with a home made waffle knit blanket

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      Sorry Kirst, will stay quiet x

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    Debbie Carne

    Thank you so much for mentioning me in your article – just realised where traffic is coming from!
    Shop a little depleted after Craft Fox market sales this weekend but I have many new designs that I’ll be listing this week.

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