Deconstructing the Decor: Are these the world’s most popular dining chairs?

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

You will all have seen them. They are all over Pinterest. In fact, you’ve probably Pinned a couple of stylish images of them in situ to your ‘decor ideas’ board.

And if you don’t already have a couple in your home, you will definitely have parked your bum on one or two in a swanky coffee shop.

Images: Smart Furniture | Indulgy | Bloglovin
Images: Smart Furniture | Indulgy | Bloglovin

Meet the Eames Vitra fibreglass DSW chair, designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1950.

It was their design for entry in a low-cost furniture design competition, much needed during this post-war period.

Formed from one moulded piece of plastic on four wooden dowel legs, the chair has become a design classic – along with the DAW version (with arms).

And given that they were originally designed to be a low-cost option, it’s ironic then that they now sell for over £300 each. I fell in love with an original set of four (similar below) in various shades of grey on eBay, but couldn’t quite raise the £1550.

Image: Lovely And Company
Image: Lovely And Company

Back in the Fifties, they were only made in three shades (elephant grey, parchment and greige), but Vitra have just announced that they are launching six brand new colours this year including Oxide Red and Ice Grey.

The great news is that reproduction versions are available from as little as £24 (yes, twenty four! On Amazon, here). I bought four repro versions in white for our kitchen table and while the kids are small they’re perfect – they were cheap enough not to make me anxious every time they have a bolognese-based accident.

Here are some brilliantly priced reproduction versions so you can get the look seen above – as well as an original Eames Vitra version, available in John Lewis.


1: Not On The High Street | 2: The Cotswold Company | Eames by Vitra at John Lewis | Cult Furniture



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