One Quick Trick: The checked shirt as belt (in a non-grunge way)


Shirt, Zara (similar here) | Skirt, Marks & Spencer | T-Shirt, ASOS White (sold out, but similar here) | Shoes, LK Bennett (similar here) | Bag, Alphabet Bags

I was a music-loving teen in the grunge era. Let me wear a long grey cardigan and listen to the opening guitar riff to Smells Like Teen Spirit and I’m fifteen all over again.

Back then, checked shirts were the easiest way to get dressed in the morning – paired with second-hand 501 jeans and Doc Martins, I was good to go.

And let’s face it, despite the current resurgence of everything Nineties – the checked shirt really hasn’t gone anywhere over the past twenty years.

Models use them as a cover up dashing between fashion week shows, they’re a style maven’s favourite way of adding colour to a plain outfit, while brands including J Crew have created versions that are totally office-worthy.

So secure in its place within the wardrobe classics hall of fame, a checked shirt need not just be kept for blouse-based occasions. So tie it around your waist and use it as a belt. Nineties style, done in a more sophisticated way.

Images | Harpers Bazaar | Lee Oliveira | Carlotta Hey
Images | Harpers Bazaar | Lee Oliveira | Carlotta Hey


(The IRONY of this whole situation is that I used to do this as a teenager when I thought my bum was too big. Oh, how we laugh now!)

I’ve mixed up lots of different prints in this outfit, but kept the basic three colours the same throughout.

This is actually a really good tip if you want to clash prints generally – pick one or two colours and you’ll have a more cohesive outfit.

It’s a very simple trick, but a goodun if you want a more grown-up nod to a Nineties style staple.


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