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I wasn’t allowed to get my ears pierced until I turned sixteen. I pushed it every year from about eleven, but mum was unrelenting until my sixteenth birthday. So off I went, down to Birkenhead town centre where I winced inwardly while my ears were pierced for fear of looking as though I was regretting it already.

Every weekend thereafter was spent handing over my hard-earned babysitting cash on a variety – and quite a collection – of garish, cheap and FABULOUS dangly earrings.

As far as earrings are concerned, I’ve always gone big. Studs are actually only a recent thing (current obsession: these babies by Jessica De Lotz). I spent a few years wandering around in an earring-free desert, where I was more about a statement necklace and utterly convinced those much-wanted piercings had healed up.

But even now, I love nothing more on holiday than going make-up free, bar a red lip, my hair looped back in a bun wearing a pair of chandelier-style earrings.

And there’s one style that has remained the ultimate for me: the hoop.

My ultimate hoop-spiration, Sade Adu | Image: Huffington Post
Wearing it well: Beyonce, Sade, Jennifer Lopez, great image from Life Magazine, Nineties-inspired fashion shoot, Vogue UK's Sarah Harris. Images: Chaos and Disorder, LIFE, Lose That Girl, Then Let It Be, Pinterest
Wearing them well: Beyonce, Sade, Jennifer Lopez, great image from a 1960’s issue of Life Magazine, Nineties-inspired fashion shoot, Vogue UK’s Sarah Harris.
Images | Chaos and Disorder | LIFE | Lose That Girl | Then Let It Be | Pinterest

The style signature of the gorgeous Sade (my ultimate hoop inspiration), worn by cool girls Salt n’ Pepa and brought back in the Noughties by the likes of Jennifer Lopez – large hooped earrings are having a renaissance.

They’re sometimes seen as trashy, but I prefer sexy, cool and a little bit badass. One thing’s for sure, they’re definitely not earrings for the meek (nor indeed, for those with small babies. Watch those lobes my friends).

And whether you’re a teenager teaming them with a check shirt and trainers, or a mum of two trying to channel her inner Dolce & Gabbana (ahem), there’s a style of hoop to suit.

Juliet Rowe, founder of jewellery brand Georgiana Scott, has recently launched The Hoop Station to cope with customer response. In fact, the rose gold style I’m wearing in the pictures are from there.

Juliet says: “I think hoops are a universal, ageless trend. When we launched The Hoop Station, it was to create a one-stop-hoop-shop, we knew that hoops were big but now demand has gone beyond our expectations.

“Now we stock every size of hoop imaginable from teeny sleepers through to extra large gypsy hoops in three colours, silver, yellow gold and rose gold.”


My Hoop-spiration: the beautiful Sade Adu (Image: Huffington Post)

Like diamonds, hoops – it appears – are forever – so if you fancy a slice of the action, here are five of my favourites.


Top: Adara at Amazon Fashion | Middle: Rose gold by Melissa Odabash at John Lewis | Classic gold hoops by Dinny Hall at John Lewis | Bottom: Dipped enamel, Whistles | Diamante silver mix hoops, Autograph at Marks & Spencer


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    I love this post! I’m Also a massive fan of hoops and wasn’t allowed my ears pierced until 16. My two children are a bit older now so my ear lobes are safe! Loving your blog!

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      Aaah thank you Hester! I will definitely check out your blog! X

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      PS our kids are exactly the same age! X

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        Thanks v much for taking a look at my blog! I need to find more time to write, as that’s my biggest downfall at the moment!

        How funny are children are the same age! It’s fun with a 3 and 5 yr old, but as you know it’s full on! It’s great reading a blog about being someone else other than just a mummy, whilst looking good!

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    PS I’ve just started a blog so any hints and tips would be gratefully appreciated! Thanks

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    I do love hoops. They are gorgeous and suit every woman’s earlobes.

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