Trying a new kind of dessert [SPONSORED]


In our house, yoghurt is king of the puds. It’s part of our daily dinner routine – water to drink, yoghurt for pudding. I grew up with the same thing, so it’s not all that surprising that the habitual dairy dessert continues with my own family.

My kids have happily worked their way through the vast majority of the Müller yog combinations  – particularly loving the Vanilla Chocolate Balls Crunch Corner as a special treat.

So they were very excited to try the latest addition to the range – a Greek-inspired spin on rice pudding, called Müller Rice Remix.


The dessert’s based on the traditional Greek rice pudding dish Rizagalo (‘rizi’ meaning rice and ‘galo’ meaning milk). And of course, being Müller – there’s a separate little corner compote of apple or strawberry (a mix of the two comes in the multi-packs).


As rice pudding fans, the kids loved the creamy rice which had a strong cinnamon kick to it which made it really comforting. The consistency is really filling, making it a brilliant snack to fill those tums.

Previously my pair loved the brand’s other Greek-style lemon yoghurt recipe, but this new launch has definitely added a new favourite into the (re)mix.

And the face of Müller, Tasty B the rapping Bear is back on our screens now. Find him Tweeting here. He has spot prizes to give away to those who tweet him using the hashtag #WordToYourMuller. Tell him why you need a Muller Rice Greek Inspired lift and you could be in with a chance to win! For more information, check out the Müller website.








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