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LEFT: Beaumont Organic | RIGHT: Zara

Three styles of dresses, in two different price points, for every eventuality covered. Easy peasy dressing, sorted.


LEFT: Zara | RIGHT: H&M (as always with H&M, there are not many http://www.topphentermineonline.com left online, but plenty in-store when I checked last week. I MAY have purchased… )


LEFT: Mes Demoiselles at Matches Fashion (also with a yellow dot here) | RIGHT: & Other Stories

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    Lorraine Forsyth

    Just love the white and blue Zara one at the end. It is so pretty. I just prefer the slightly more structured shape to the H&M one. Lorraine x

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    I have been eyeing that andOtherstories blue dotted dress, mainly because it is so like Mes Demoielles one and cheaper, but oh so pretty. Great low finds Erica! xx

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      It’s so pretty isn’t it? I’m tempted too…x

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    I love the striped Zara one. In fact, I almost bought it when I was in store the other week, but had to hold myself back as I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed in it easily. Damn.

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    I actually have the red Zara dress you show under “beach” and I will say that I was a little disappointed about how it fit. As always, it looks better on the model than on me 🙁

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      Oh really? That’s a shame – although I find that with Zara a lot too – I never look like the model! Ha! X

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    Great choice!

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