I’m having a thing about…really simple tan sandals

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Image: instagram.com/erica_davies

A recent little mooch around TK Maxx saw me throw about five pairs of sandals (including those above) into my trolley. Of COURSE I always grab a trolley – don’t you? Who knows what you might find.

Anyway, it became immediately apparent that I gravitate towards sandals that looks as though they have been made by a Greek leather artisan. Flat, two-strap, simple design and made from soft leather = massive footwear thumbs up from me. PS, I only actually bought the brown pair above as the dusty pink pair were too tight sadly.

In terms of beautiful leather sandals, the ultimate are the designs by Ancient Greek Sandals. Founded five years ago, the brand aim to give a nod to mythical Ancient Greece, combining the simplicity of the simple sandal but with a high end finish. I love their designs and have included their DRAMA style below in my edit.

Also, a big shout out to a brand I never thought would be featured on The Edited – but I have been well and truly converted. FitFlop‘s ‘Banda’ leather sandal – which I am wearing in black in the above shot – has been a revelation to my feet and wardrobe. In case you had ideas they were all about a chunky platform and a toe thong, have a look at the brand’s new collection because I was surprised by the simplicity and, well, sophistication of this style. I’ve featured the tan version of mine below.

Here are my picks of the best tan leather sandals at the moment.



CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: DRAMA by Ancient Greek Sandals | FATED two strap, ASOS | Simple two strap, Anna Lucca at Amazon | Banda strap, FitFlop


(And talking of Ancient Greek Sandals, you could even get a pair for your mini me with these super cute versions from Zara Kids…I MEAN!)


TOP: Zara Kids | BOTTOM: IKARIA at Ancient Greek Sandals

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    AAARGH tiny hercules sandals, yes!! Love!!

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      I KNOW!

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    Sod the kids. I scored a beautifully simple pair of size 3 tan leather sandals for £30 in Zara kids last week. In fact, I’m going back today holiday trouser hunting.

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      I wholeheartedly approve of all these things Kirsty!

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    Lorraine Forsyth

    Loving these sandals. I think finding summer sandals is really hard because you don’t want too much going on and then your feet get all hot and bothered. But too little means your feet slip about and you are not comfortable. Always a dilemma! I do lip a flip flop myself but they need to be light and the bit between my toes has to be soft because that hard plastic stuff is really sore! Might head to TK Maxx later. Lorraine x

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      I agree Lorraine – and I’ve had way too many bad blisters to prove it!! Simple straps for me now! X

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    Oh my… These are lush!!!! x

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    Oh my word! You are living my dream!! I loves a good mooch around t k max on a weekly basis(!!) and only today wondered how I could get a job wearing clothes for a living!! Lucky you! Love the posts I’ve stumbled upon today x

    ( I too got a pair of fab sandals from t k max only today too 😉 x

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      Aaah thank you so much Kate! X

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