The cheap skin fixes you need right now


Amongst all the very expensive beauty brands I buy and try, I keep coming back to some old faithfuls that really don’t cost a lot at all.

In fact, as I am getting older the price per product increases if it’s going on my face but gets cheaper if it’s a body lotion, potion or cream.

I wanted to share a couple that I have been slathering on recently – and they definitely won’t break the bank.

First up is Superdrug’s Vitamin E All Over Body Cream with Argan Oil at a whopping £2.99 for 475ml. This is a revelation. Firstly, it’s massive so a pot will do you for ages. Secondly, it’s limited edition – two words always guaranteed to get me hooked. Thirdly the smell is UH-MAZING, a lovely fresh, clean scent with a floral base. It glides on easily and is great for dry skin, but in particular areas like elbows or legs.

Superdrug are 100% happiness guaranteed, meaning it’s suitable for vegetarians, vegans and absolutely no animal testing. I seriously cannot believe the value of this cream. Buy it now.

Next it’s Sophie La Girafe Baby Protection Cream – a product sent for me to try on the kids which has now been secreted away in my make up bag.

Part of the range that brought you the teething wonder toy, the Sophie la Girafe skincare collection was founded by former beauty editor Jonna Jalkanen. It’s full of natural ingredients, without allergens or strong essential oils that’s perfect for baby skin – but also an amazing hand cream for you. I love it – plus the size (50ml) means you can chuck it in your bag and use throughout the day too.

And finally, the world has gone mad for a coconut – and I’ve gone mad for Vita Coco Coconut Oil (250ml) which I have been slathering on my lips, skin and as a hair conditioner. It’s 100% raw, organic and so good you can even cook with it. Just don’t go mad with it as a moisturiser on your face as it’s quite rich and will probably cause a few spots.

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    Right, I’m off to Superdrug today for some of the body cream (skin like a desert) and I already use the RMS coconut cream which I got from Net a Porter. I keep hearing it’s probably no different from any other coconut oil/cream out there from the food shelf so I might go with the Vita Coco one next. It will be interesting to see if I can spot any major differences.

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      Oh definitely let me know Sue. This one is lovely, plus I’m a sucker for a multi-tasker – this one you can moisturise with and then cook your veg with!! X

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    Lorraine Forsyth

    I agree with you, some products which are fantastic don’t cost that much at all. I use virgin coconut oil as a moisturiser on my body and always have nivea or astral cream in my bag for dry lips or hands. And I love Ponds cold cream for my face at night. Don’t get me wrong, I love to try the expensive stuff too but we shouldn’t overlook other products which don’t cost the earth. I’ve only just discovered your blog but am loving your posts. Lorraine x

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      Thanks so much Lorraine! So lovely to hear. I’m totally with you – love an expensive cream as much as the next, but feel there are a lot of overlooked cheapies that need to be shown the love! PS I love Astral cream too! Xx

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