The Edited Updater: H&M’s cropped, flared jeans


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As regular readers will know, I am all about a bit of great high street.

Yes, of course designer is amazing if you can afford it, but I love finding pieces that hit the spot sartorially speaking – without breaking the bank.

There are plenty of unusual high street bits out there – limited edition, the pieces not in every store, those bits that are a bit too ‘out there’ for the majority, so bought in smaller numbers. I know I live in London, so you’re probably thinking it’s because I have access to the bigger flagship stores, but honestly, if you know what you’re looking for, then online is where you can find most of these things.

Take H&M as an example. They’re doing some fantastic pieces this season.  But if their pile-it-up merchandising mentality is a little bit too much for you to navigate, either in store or online, then follow my shopping advice and keep on top of their ‘Trend’ section online (go to <Ladies> filter down to <New in> and then filter to <Trend>).

I found a pair of cropped, flared jeans there a few months ago and snapped them up, because they totally tap into that Seventies, Summer, wear-with-a-peasant-top vibe I want to be rocking this season.

They sold out almost immediately – and I guess looking at the street style above you can see why. Because every other fashionista worth her Stans found them too. All the pictures above show the H&M cropped flare.

Kooky enough to appeal to the individual, flattering to those with bigger butts (hello), cropped just the right amount to avoid soggy hem promenades (oh hi British weather). In short, ace.

So unless you’re lucky enough (like Julia from Stylonylon) to bagsy a pair in the sale, the H&M versions are out.

But – hurray – there are enough other options out there to make the cropped flare (Clare?) a still-valid updater option.

Alexa Chung for AG have a style called ‘Revolution’ which the woman herself wore to last month’s LFW. While Rachel Comey’s ‘Legion’ is pretty much on repeat order on Matches.

And of course, the other alternative is to get out the scissors and hack three inches off the bottom of these from H&M or the MIH ‘Marrakesh.’

Check out the edit below.


  1. Revolution by Alexa Chung for AG at Avenue32
  2. Legion by Rachel Comey at Matches
  3. Tula, Hobbs
  4. High waist boot cut, Weekday at ASOS


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    I did buy the H&M flares but I have to say the cut doesn’t suit me at all. I had to size up and they’re still tight across the crotch and really not that comfortable. I am hoping they will stretch as I love the look of them!

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    I sent them back, they are cut really oddly! Everyone I know who has them had to size up massively too, and still found them uncomfortable.

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      Yeah, I got a 14 (the biggest size there was!) and am quite a small 12 usually (but hourglass shape). They are not cut at all generously in the bottom area, imho!

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