Beauty favourites: old and new

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In the world of make up, I have a LOT neatly stashed away at home. Lipsticks, various glow-giving products, countless mascaras, eyeshadows that have definitely seen better days, compacts I barely use but can’t throw out. You name it, I probably have it secreted in a box somewhere.

I LOVE beauty products and I LOVE what make up does for a face. But more importantly, I love how it can change every aspect of the way a woman feels.

Bad day? A slick of red lipstick will cheer you up. Terrible pre-menstrual skin? There are myriad concealers out there to subdue those spots.

And it’s not flippant or silly, this is a multi-billion pound industry generated solely by our love of products.

Recently I’ve been checking out a lot of YouTube videos (I am a big Caroline Hirons fan, but also love Sali Hughes and PixiWoo) and noting down products that take my fancy. In short, after getting stuck in a wearing-the-same-product rut, they’ve reignited my love for new, exciting launches and  beauty developments. More of this soon.

But it got me thinking about my make-up must-haves. The things I would buy over and over again.

The first has to be Jean Paul Gaultier Le Classique Eau de Toilette, which I have worn – no word of a lie – every day since I was 14 years old. It is absolutely ‘my’ scent, despite toying with others occasionally, I have always come back to this.

The second is Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturiser – which I am currently wearing in ‘Bisque.’ This has been a go-to for the past ten years, although I have been flirting with other brands for the past year. Last week I realised that other foundations weren’t working for me and I went out to buy this again. It’s tinted moisturiser, so effectively lightweight enough for sheer coverage, but layer it up and the consistency thickens to become more of a glow-giving foundation. There are a couple of options, including an oil-free version and an illuminated cream but I wear the simple tinted moisturiser.

And finally, a new addition to my lipstick wardrobe, but a classic nonetheless. Mac’s Ruby Woo has been recommended to me on so many occasions by make up artists and other fashion editors, but I never got it. Until a couple of weeks ago I walked into a Mac store and asked to try it on. Matte, vintage, Hollywood red, it requires a liner (I use Mac’s Riri Woo, which was a limited edition, but Cherry is just as good) and is a total statement. Fab-u-lous.

What are your beauty must-haves? I’d love to know (and try!)

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    ooh love the sound of the Laura Mercier. I’m a new convert to Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Youth-Boosting Perfect Skin foundation (why must they have such long names!) and Estee Lauder Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter, a creamier version of Touche Eclat – great for under the eyes. Everyone raves about MAC but I wish the packaging was posher, I want my lipstick application to be AN EVENT!

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      They’re amazing recommendations – have made a note already. Massive fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow, so will definitely check out the other one. And love the sound of the Estée Lauder – anything that gets rid of dark circles wins me over!

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