All about the sisterhood: Atterley Road’s #ARWOMAN campaign


Instagram has been all over a new initiative by Atterley Road called #ARWOMAN.

In a nutshell, it’s all about the amazing women in our lives and celebrating those who inspire us.

The brand asked me who my #ARWOMAN would be and as a total girl’s girl, I struggled to pick just one.

My mum is the most important woman in my life and as she lives back in my hometown of Birkenhead, I miss her not being  just down the road. She’s ALWAYS the person I want to tell first.

My daughter is – obviously – the most precious lady in my life and I’m totally inspired (and often terrified) by her daily, growing language, knowledge and independence.

And I love all my friends, some old, some more recent kindred spirits I’ve met since having children.

But two of my oldest friends are Jeannie and Catherine, neither of whom I get to see as often as I’d like because one – selfishly – decided to emigrate to New Zealand and the other – selfishly – moved out of London. But I know that even if we don’t speak as often as our lives permit, we are totally there for each other.

But I couldn’t choose just one person from my own life, so looked to the celebrity world for my #ARWOMAN.

Growing up I was a total black and white movie nut and so in the end I decided on someone whose style, class and ageless beauty has always epitomised chic to me – Lauren Bacall.


Because why wouldn’t you want to look like this at any point during your life? How fabulous does she look in that bottom right picture with Yves Saint Laurent?

And I LOVE this old hair and make up test image I found, back when she was (not so) plain old Betty Joan Perske and screen testing for roles.


Who would be your #ARWOMAN? I’d love to know.

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