Welcome to The Edited, the brand new name for MMM!


Welcome to The Edited – the BRAND NEW NAME for MMM!

I know you only just got used to modernmummusthave being shortened to MMM. I’m sorry.

But this has been in the planning for a LONG time and I’m SO EXCITED to reveal the new name for my blog.

And I promise, no more changes! Well, not big ones anyway.

In fact, The Edited is the name I originally wanted to call my blog when I launched it almost 4 years ago – but back then, I was in the baby zone and MMM seemed the right choice.

Now I want my site’s name to be more representative of what I do – and have done in my career for the best part of twenty years.

So it’s going to be the same mix of fashion inspiration, lifestyle and cool bits for the kids, just wrapped up in a new package.

You can also download The Edited as an app in iTunes (if you already downloaded MMM,  the name change will update automatically so you don’t need to do anything). It may still say MMM, but iTunes are just in the process of changing it.

And I have kept it simple for social media.

There won’t be a separate Twitter blog account, so follow me here,

I’m here for Pinterest and here on Instagram too.

I really hope you like it – well, to be honest, only the name has changed!

And finally, a *huge* thank you to my lovely friend Christine for creating my brand new logo. And for just being ace.


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    helen | cocomamastyle

    LOVE it! I just typed modernmum…. in my address bar and this popped up instead – genius – you have such perfect initials!

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      Thanks so much Helen! xx

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    Long Live The Edited! Classic remains classic no matter the naming. So good to see you under the new brand name.

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    Fash London

    Lovely blogg we love to follow…

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