MMM {life} Getting organised with Betty & Walter (PLUS, GIVEAWAY)

I’m a big fan of a good pouch.  Toiletry bags, nylon carriers, clear plastic zip packs for the aeroplane, little cute cases for my pencils and other sundry items – you name it, I’ll find something to put in it.

My pouch collection: used for swimming lessons, the beach, days out, pencils, name it, I have a pouch for it.
My pouch collection: used for swimming lessons, the beach, days out, pencils, travelling…you name it, I have a pouch for it.

Despite being a stationery obsessive (and purchaser of copious pencil cases) since childhood, I think this bag habit has become more obvious since having children.

When you travel around with kids, you just need more bags for all their stuff don’t you? One for nappies and wipes, one for snacks and treats, another for spare clothes. It goes on and on.

Now the kids are older and I don’t need to take nappies out (still need spare pants though!), the paraphernalia has become less and I’m swapping between pouches for me and them.

It makes sense to have compartments in a washable toiletry bag that will fit into your main bag without weighing it down too much.

And I think I have found the ultimate in stylish pouches that you can use for both them and you.

Betty & Walter was founded in 2011 by British textile designer Lisa Levis (nee Stickley) who has created a gorgeous, modern collection of bags with her signature retro prints.

Having recently become a mum herself, Lisa knows the value of a multi-tasking bag, so her ‘Meringue’ double wash bags have become my go-to, chuck-everything-in when I’m out.

Betty & Walter 'Meringue' double wash bag in Party Licorice
Betty & Walter ‘Meringue’ double wash bag in Party Licorice
The Party Licorice and Mabel Fuschia designs. Read on to see how you could win one.
The Party Licorice and Mabel Fuschia designs. Read on to see how you could win one.

These are my must-take products when it’s just me:mmm_betty_and_walter_bag

Must-take: Bobbi Brown lipstick in Party Pink / Burt’s Bees lip salve / Rodial Stemcell super-food glam balm multi / L’Occitane hand cream / Givenchy jelly blusher / Bobbi Brown bronzer / Make up brush / Benefit concealer / Antibacterial wipes / Tissues / Hair bobble

And when I’m with the kids:


Must-take: Various small toys for difficult moments / Wipes and tissues / Snacks / Spare Pants / Small book / iPhone with many apps


What do YOU take out with you? MMM has teamed up with Betty & Walter to give away THREE double wash bags.

Just leave a comment with your must-take item whether it’s for you or the kids. The winners will be selected at random and notified by email.

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    Love these! My must take item is sunglasses for me and the kids at the moment. My husband laughs at is but I find the winter sun really bright and glaring so I have sunnies on all year round!!

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    Lauren Barry

    It’s got to be Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, useful for just about anything!

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    Laura Summerskill

    For me I must take 8 hour lip conditioner, balance me handcream and charlotte tilbury lipgloss. For the little one I always need a spare pair of pants, some crayons and paper, and a drink.

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    I seem to take at least 5 crushed raisins in the bottom of my bag everywhere I go!
    Revolting toddlers..

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    Must take items for a trip to the park with my 5 year old:
    -Spare leggings (for when she finally concedes that maybe a floaty summer dress wasn’t the best option for scooting in January!)
    -Gloves and hat (for same reason as above!)
    -Breadsticks/raisins for genuine snack item
    -Chocolate buttons/haribo for bribing if necessary (try for a wee, time to get off swing etc!)
    -Plasters for potential grazed knees!

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    Various species of plastic animals (for my 3 year old to gallop/fly/trot around coffee shops, supermarkets and many other impractical locations!)

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    Ali Payne

    Right now it’s teething gel for the baby (and paracetamol for me!).

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    Rachel Gear

    When I’m out and about with my little boy, I always pack a mini tin of Super Hero style plasters from Paperchase which somehow making relieving cuts and grazes a bit more fun!

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      Rachel Gear

      ‘make’ not ‘making’. Ooops.

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    Burts Bees lip balm. Good for me and busy toddlers in this cold weather!

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    I always have a little packet of crackers and a host of tiny toys (cars, trains, diggers)some scrap paper and a pen for doodling and spare pants and socks for my little man then some mints, lipstick tissues and wet wipes (which have invariably dried out and have crumbs stuck to them -maybe a separate pouch would be useful ;-))

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    One soggy breadstick, a toy stethoscope and a miniature bottle of gin

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    It would probably be easier for me to list what I DON’T take out with me! Having a 7 month old and a 3 year old I’m at that awful time where you need to prepare for every eventuality, hence a bag full of snacks, baby food, milk, bottles, water, nappies, spare toddler pants, phone, iPad (definitely the best out of the 3 parents in this family!) etc etc. And for me I can’t leave the house without my trusty 8 hr cream, Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks and Nivea Q10 hand cream.

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    Nancy Straughan

    My must have item that I take everywhere is my Burts Bees lip balm. I’m also trying to take more “real” photos so my fujifilm instax mini camera will hopefully be coming with me everywhere too!

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    Janine Wisewell

    My children are grown up and I’m now a very proud nanny. Every Monday, we have our day together and I’d forgot just how much ‘stuff’ you need to take with you. My can’t do without items are antibacterial hand wash., paracetamol, lipbalm and for the little man, a banana an orange, pencils and paper, vasaline, and his little dog toy and his Innosence drink with straw. Obviously this is without all the other ‘stuff’ his mummy and daddy pack for him just in case!!!

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    Mine seems to always involve a squashed banana, a plastic animal of some description (usually a lion) and my Mac blusher brush with my Nars ‘orgasm’ blusher!!

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    If it’s just me Lucas paw paw ointment lip balm and Nars Manhunt is all I need but when travelling with twin three year olds the list is considerably longer!! Snacks, water, glasses (they both wear them), spare clothes – we have a pant wetter, baby dolls, baby doll clothes, baby doll bottles, baby doll blah blah blah.

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    I seem to have to permanently carry wet wipes, lip balm, feathers and some twigs. I really should get a separate pouch for the feathers and twigs.

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    I always take colouring pencils for drawing and a notepad, smashbox lipstick for myself, iPhone and iPhone backup charger because they always want to watch a film, wet wipes is always a must and spare underwear and a nappy for my youngest. Lastly, sachets of neuro fen for emergencies. However, no matter what I pack the one thing I always need is never in there because it is in my other bag!

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    always hand cream
    I never seem to remember to put it on at home but the bus is perfect for this!
    and a phone charger as mine seems to die very quickly

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    Miranda Melling

    Oh my goodness!! I take everything but the kitchen sink in my handbag, I have four children!! Earplugs?! 😉

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    Natalie Crossan

    Baby wipes and spare clothes for my 3 year old 😀

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    Kirsty Fox

    For me it has to be baby wipes, they are fab for me and the kids!

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    The party liquorice print is gorgeous! As a mum of a one year old boy we always take a book (to chew), gloves (to chew), a set of get-filled teething keys (to chew) and a bottle of water (not allowed to chew!). Gone are the days of make-up and a novel being the essentials.

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    Julie Cook

    Wet Wipes

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