MMM {beautiful} Fighting the frizz

I love writing this blog for many, many reasons – mainly because you are all so lovely, actually bother to read it, write emails, leave comments, follow me on Instagram and tweet me.

For all this I am extremely grateful.

And recently I have had many emails asking me – of all things – about my hair.

Now considering I am going grey (this has been a recent thing – I blame my daughter) and left to it’s own devices it is naturally, well, a mess, I am very flattered.

Seriously, I fight with it to get it straight(ish) or if I want to let it dry naturally, have to apply several products to get the wave just right otherwise I look like Crystal Tipps.

However, I will happily accept the compliments (thank you!) and due to the many requests, have decided to write a post on my frizz-fighting hair products and tips.

As I’m not an expert, I’ve asked my stylist, Nicole Jackson, Director Technician at Taylor Taylor London (and freelance session stylist) for her secrets. Read on and all will be revealed! (PS my colourist is the divine Amy Nitsopoulos, also at Taylor Taylor. Not only is she amazing, but she’s also brilliant for restaurant recommendations!)




Currently, for a smoothed out look I am using every product above, as recommended to me by Nicole. I got everything here from Feel Unique, a brilliant beauty site which I spend way too many hours on.

They are:

I tend to rough dry it and then section it off with a round brush and dryer. If I want it super sleek, I do still use my trusty GHD’s, which also helps flatten down the ‘do.


Nicole drying my hair
Nicole drying my hair
The natural frizz
The natural frizz, see.

But my hair is naturally wavy and I regularly aim for that Alexa Chung tousled look. The one that says ‘I’m WAY too cool to blow-dry my hair,’ when actually you just haven’t had time.


Nicole says, “A soft dishevelled look is still the style I get asked for most – everyone wants their hair to do what it naturally wants to do.

“The foundation to good hair is good shampoo and conditioner and obviously, a good hair cut. For colour treated hair like Erica’s, you need protein shampoos from Wella SP Repair or Kerastase Bain de Force and Ciment Thermique Kerastase leave in conditioner – I love them. Luxe oil by Wella Professionals is lush.

“Using moisturising products will just make your hair bigger, but if you have those shampoos already then finish them off completely before switching to protein shampoos. Be consistent.

“When you’re drying it, you want to get the hair to about 70% dry by towel drying, but not too much or you’ll fluff it up. Use a slow speed but on a high heat and depending on your look always use a nozzle and then a soft bristle brush.

“Separate in inch and a half sections, working all over the head. At the end take the nozzle off your dryer and blast with cool heat throughout the hair on a slow speed.”

And for those of you who like more of a wavy, tousled ‘do, these are my go-to products when I want to wash and go:



I am also a BIG fan of Bumble & Bumble Semisumo Cream, which I found by accident in Istanbul of all places. (Long story, basically forgot to pack every useful hair product so was walking around with a humidity-based frizz). It’s a creamy wax that you need to add in minimal amounts, but which leaves a defined wave and lovely shine.

Don’t forget to also check out my monthly beauty and hair reviews over at Beauty Recommended. This month I’m looking at simple hair tweaks that will save you a few pounds.

Thanks to Feel Unique for their help with this post.

Wishing everyone a happy hair day!





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