MMM {spy it buy it} The £4 HEMA buy that’ll change your life*


I’m new to this HEMA thing. In case you haven’t heard of it before now either, it’s a Dutch lifestyle brand that launched in the UK this year (there are now three stores in and around London, but you can buy everything online) and it is an absolute must-visit for anyone mildly interested in lovely stationery or stylish things for the home. Oh and did I mention it’s super cheap?

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited down to their London Victoria store for a festive shopping event and found these – iron-on stars costing just £4 for a pack of six.

The HEMA iron-on stars. £4 for a pack of six.
The HEMA iron-on stars.

Iron-on involves absolutely no sewing skills, so I thought this would be one quick and easy way to add a bit of interest to a simple striped top. A little bit inspired by my favourite – but not so good for my bank account – Chinti and Parker knits.

This was the tired but useful top I decided to reinvent.

My striped top before - nice, but a bit plain

And from the back...

I decided to just use the navy and white stars, plus the yellow randomly positioned on the front, back and on each elbow.

What this top needs is a few stars. I arranged the HEMA iron-on stars - this involved quite a lot of moving them around.

Once you have found the position you like, place a piece of A4 plain paper over the top of them and iron the paper for approximately 30 seconds. Seriously, could not be easier.

Elbow patches
Elbow patches

As modelled by...

I still have the green stars left so am thinking about adding them onto an old grey and white long-sleeved tee shirt of Charlie’s.

A wardrobe update for just £4 – bargain.



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