MMM {spy it buy it} The best high street patchwork jeans

As far as denim trends go, patchwork isn’t a new one.

Street-stylistas have been flying the flag for Paige denim‘s patch jeans for the past few seasons, including Lucky Magazine’s Editor Eva Chen who wears the Jimmy Jimmy ‘Marcy’ style (below). But they look GREAT.

Image: They All Hate Us
Image: They All Hate Us
Lucky's Eva Chen wearing her Paige 'Marcy' jeans. Image: Jean Stories
Lucky’s Eva Chen wearing her Paige ‘Marcy’ jeans.
Image: Jean Stories

I love these high street versions below – including a super cute pair for mini me.

Patch jeans
Patch jeans


  1. Gap
  2. Zara
  3. Zara Kids
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    I’ve tried the Zara ones and though lovely – they’re not good for small folk as the patch which is supposed to be on the knee looks a little misplaced – boo! I would have had them otherwise but now I’ll have to do my own version I think.

    And the kiddie winks version is adorable!

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    Jason Sayers

    Love the Jeans!

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    Karina Smith

    That looks amazing! I want to get me one of these.

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    Clever Socks

    Awesome patch worked jeans love it .Thanks for posting it.

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