MMM {wears} Personalised boots by Dukes

Along with coats, this season I’m a bit boot obsessed. All flat (apart from one small midi heel), all ankle but all slightly different and OBVIOUSLY all completely necessary.

My AW14 ankle boot stash
My AW14 ankle boot stash

Credits: Clockwise from top, middle – Asos, Schuh, Clarks, Dukes, Dune

I’m also completely besotted with anything navy blue, hot pink and monogrammed – so these personalised Dukes Boots were right up my street.

My ED 'Ruby' boots, Dukes Boots
My ED ‘Ruby’ boots, Dukes Boots

(What do you mean you think I have a monogram problem?)

My monogram issue, literally writ large
My monogram issue, literally writ large

Anyway enough about me.

Dukes Boots are a British company based down in Canterbury, but the boots are made in Spain using traditional Spanish artisanal methods.

Founder Daisy – whose family started the famous Kings Road cowboy boot store R Soles – fell in love with the boots while on holiday in Spain back in 2005, but soon realised she couldn’t get them back home in the UK.

Now all the boots are designed by Daisy over here, but handmade by traditional Artisans in the mountains of Spain using the highest quality natural materials.

One service they offer is personalisation – like mine above – on all designs from monk strap shoes to more formal boots.

A heavy duty metal block is inserted in to the ankle part of the boots in order to get a flat and even surface ready for stamping. Image: Dukes Boots
Image: Dukes Boots
Traditional tools Image: Dukes Boots
The letters are then stamped by hand, using a hot stone plate and the hand tools with your letters. Image: Dukes Boots
Suki Waterhouse's personalised 'Alba' boots Image: Dukes Boots
Suki Waterhouse’s personalised ‘Alba’ boots
Image: Dukes Boots

I love mine – I just wish it would start getting cold so I could actually wear them (Disclaimer: I don’t want it to get cold really).

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