MMM {edited} The TK Maxx Holiday Wardrobe (plus, WIN!)

My TK Maxx Holiday Wardrobe Challenge
My TK Maxx Holiday Wardrobe Challenge

Regular readers may be aware of my great love affair with TK Maxx. More specifically, the store in Croydon’s Purley Way.

This ugly old building on one of South London’s busiest thoroughfares has seen me through the good times and the bad, helped me with three house moves, countless bed linen sets and seen me bag more bargain designer pieces than I could shake a clearance rail at.

It also got me through those long, LOOOONG, rainy days of maternity leave when one more Monkey Music class would have sent me over the edge. Either way, those study hours have paid off, because the kids both LOVE a rummage in the vast, hangar-like space that is ‘Tea May Max.’ Oh and a kids lunch box in the cafe.

So when the brand challenged me to pick my ENTIRE holiday wardrobe and a suitcase for £250 – what was I going to say? Clue, it certainly wasn’t no.

We don’t have any foreign holidays planned this year, so my packing list was all around a staycation. More specifically, a staycation in Norfolk’s north coast with the kids, my folks and my brother and his family. In short, fashion = practical and comfy.

Old Hunstanton beach, Norfolk Image: instagram/erica_davies
Old Hunstanton beach, Norfolk
Image: instagram/erica_davies

Some of the most stylish people I know have got packing down to a fine art. Alex from The Frugality says that choosing a basic colour palette is one of the easiest – and most stylish – ways to pack for a short break. And to be honest, with two small people to pack for as well as myself, I wanted it to be as easy as possible.

So I decided on a navy blue theme, mixed with creams and greys – printed or plain. Once I’d found the basis of my wardrobe – a pair of drawstring slouchy trousers in a blue tile print – the rest was plain sailing.

The key, as ever in TKM is to be quite regimented about your rooting. Try and go alone, without the kids so you can make sure you get to look properly and methodically.

(If you don’t want to go alone, my mum is an excellent TK Maxx partner – and to be honest, I’m sure she’d love to come with you if you give her enough notice.)

For the purpose of this challenge, I wasn’t allowed to pick anything from the Gold Label pieces (although, sssshhh, I can reveal I found an AMAZING designer jacket in the clearance section for £50!).

Here’s how I got on.

The suitcase I picked, £69.99
The suitcase I picked, £69.99

Spoiled for choice on cases, I went for this one – a hyacinth blue, small in size, but super easy to spot on the carousel. There were lots – including really well known luggage brands that you would pay a lot more for.

I went for four tops that could all work with the trousers
I went for these four tops that would all work with the trousers
  1. Blue and white striped top, £19.99
  2. Cream tee, £9.99
  3. Bird tattoo knit, £24.99
  4. Reversible printed knit (other side is pink and white stripe – love!), £12.99 in the clearance section!
Two pairs of trousers and a dress
Two pairs of trousers and a dress
  1. Drawstring tile print trousers, £19.99 – these will work with every single top, including the geo print blue knit. Clashing patterns works if the basic tone or hue is similar.
  2. Navy blue cropped slouchy trousers, £19.99. I love these on, super comfy and great for holidays as they will dress down or up.
  3. Grey drawstring waist dress with pockets, £24.99


The accessories I picked
The accessories I picked
  1. Denim effect sunglasses, sound weird, cool on. £14.99
  2. Double pocket toiletry / make up case, £6.99. You just can’t have too many of these can you? I loved the size of this one.
  3. Navy blue leather across the body bag, £19.99. Simple, useful style in a really classic colour.
  4. Silver plastic flip flops, £6.99. I toyed with idea of some amazing shiny gold metallic brogues too, but at £49.99 they would have pushed me over the limit. This wardrobe does need some smarter sandals though – I could have gone without one of the jumpers I suppose, but I didn’t see any shoes in store that worked for me.

As I mentioned, the tile print and the navy blue trousers would go with every  single top I selected – and even the dress could be worn pinafore style over the cream tee, or as a skirt beneath one of the knits.

TOTAL: £251.88

What do you think of my picks? Reckon you could do better?

Well perhaps you can because *drumroll* I have a £200 TK Maxx gift card for you to spend on your own holiday wardrobe (you’re all very lucky I didn’t spend that as well!).

To enter, leave a comment to say why you’re worthy of a TK Maxx shopping spree. And if you don’t already follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, why not!? Let’s just say that *might* be taken into consideration too!

ENTRY DEADLINE: Monday 21st July, winner selected at random. Good luck!






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    Chloe stones

    I deserve the tkm spending spree as I am in desperate need of a new wardrobe after having my baby girl 8 weeks ago and find I’m having a wardrobe meltdown everyday where nothing fits !

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    I am so glad I found this blog post as I am going on my first flight with our 4month old baby boy and hubby. The challenge is we only get one carry-on per person since we are trying to save some money… Challenge accepted mr. Easy Jet!

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    FABULOUS post Erica- just love everything you have chosen! Especially like the grey jersey dress. I would love to wing this shopping challenge as when I go to TKMaxx I head straight to home wares – so it may tempt me into the fashion rails first! We too are having a stay cation i.e going to my parents! x

  • avatar

    P.S And, your mum can come with me too!

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    Emma Chester

    Hi Erica,

    I found you when searching for Norfolk blogs, and I live in Norfolk so can safely say you will have a wonderful time when visiting 🙂

    I would actually like to win for my lovely hubby. Without getting out the violins, we’ve had a rough couple of years having a parent each very ill, unfortunately we lost Sean’s dear Mum last year. Coming out of the dark a little we are very much looking forward to a mini break in Paris next month, 2 nights away from the kids that will feel like a fortnight! It has dawned on us though, that my few dresses & shoe staples will look ok despite being cheap and cheerful and getting on a bit. However, him living in t-shirt, jeans and trainers (other than work uniform!) will not quite do. Much harder for men! He could really do with some actual shoes, a couple of shirts and some trews that aren’t indescribably awful work combats. Could you help, pretty please? I have of course subscribed to your newly fave blog, liked you on FB and followed your Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest like a good girlie. Mwah xx P.S. Our case also has a hole in so might have to copy your upgrade!

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    Sinead ORourke

    I would give it to my sister who is about to get her first home.

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    I deserve a lovely shopping splurge in Tk Maxx after a hectic time with exams, and just before uni! This would be great to kit out my wardrobe for a lovely summer holiday and a few autumn essentials too for the upcoming colder inevitable days. Following on twitter 🙂

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    Hello I saw this competition on Twitter and would love to win! I’m worthy of a spree because I’ve just got a new job and desperately need a fabulous summer working wardrobe, and a few new holiday items.

    I’d love the £200 voucher to spend on a few treats for me, the home and some kitchen bits.

    £200 goes a long way in T K 🙂

    p.s. Really jealous of the Reversible printed knit you got!

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    I love the items you have picked, it’s got me realizing my holiday to the USA is just a few weeks away and it’s time to start thinking of what I’m going to pack!
    I particularly love those print trousers you have picked out and they are now on the top of my wishlist. It’s great to see you managed to get so many items with the budget too.
    TKMAxx here I come!

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    Florence Cross

    I’m a serious TK Maxx addict. I love the bargains to be had in the clothing & home departments. I rarely go in there and come out empty handed, I know there are lots of worthy winners, so why should I win. Well, my job is in under serious threat thanks to the demise of of biggest customer. Without a regular salary my funds are going to be tight, and a my visits to TK Maxx severely limited. I’d love the chance to a have a guilt free shop there, and pick up some beautiful bargains for myself, my family and home.

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    I deserve a shopping spree because I could do with a little shopping to cheer me up. My husband has been working away for 8 weeks so far and its hard with two small children. A shopping spree would definitely cheer me up and also give me some summer clothes (as I am a little lacking there) ready for our holiday.

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    Tkmaxx or TK as it’s know amongst my friends and family is the only shop. I bought the kids new clothes recently there, but ran out of money to update my look. I love shopping online at TK get to hunt easily for the bargins and get delivered all new in cling film very satisfying xxx

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    Lisa Conway

    I deserve this because I’ve had some rotten luck in the last year, including being made redundant – so this prize would be a huge boost! Oh and I promise to follow you lol

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    Rebecca Lewis

    Just turning 30 I am having a fashion crisis! Dressing to young? Dressing to old? How short can I go! Arghhhh it’s a huge headache decided what is age appropriate in my wardrobe, you could totally help!

  • avatar

    I do not have a hoilday or a special event coming up,

    but just simple request to spoil myself and go and have a look,

    I follow you on twitter and shop at tk maxx,

    So please, I would love to win the cash.


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    Summer wardrobe empty to the maxx, this shopping spree will keep my styled and help clothes stash.

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    Well my dad died very suddenly of a heart attack 6 weeks ago when we were on holiday and we had to return home early. This would help me get out the house and hopefully cheer me up a bit. TK Maxx is one of my favourite haunts.

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    Stacey Hutton

    well the gift voucher wouldn’t be for me, it would be for my fabulous, caring, beautiful mum! She could really do with a treat! She always spends money on others even if she doesn’t have it! I would just love to treat her with this! She wouldn’t have to worry about looking at the price tags for once 🙂

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    Would Love to win a TK Maxx summer wardrobe! Just moved back to London from abroad, so I haven’t had a TK Maxx dash for over 7 years! I need to put that your picks Erica x

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    I’m a TK Maxx addict and my credit card needs a rest 🙂

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    TK Maxx is my favourite shop I can spend hours in there, having a £200 gift card to spend would be a dream come true.

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    What a lovely giveaway – it would definitely come in handy for a pre-holiday shopping spree. Like you, we’re also having a staycation this year (Cornwall, here we come!) and could do with some new holiday essentials (t-shirts, shorts, sun hats, etc) as last year’s summer togs either don’t fit anymore or are looking a bit tatty. With so many bargain pieces to choose from, I could definitely make a £200 TK Maxx gift card stretch a VERY long way!

    (ps. Have started following you on FB) 🙂

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