MMM {mini} Going batty for t-shirts

My son’s going through the super hero stage at the moment. Everyone (or everything) is some kind of super hero, whether it’s Spiderman, Batman, Superman, even Macaroni man turned up to dinner last week.

So when I showed up downstairs fresh from the shower wearing my new Zoe Karssen tee, he was beyond excited.

My park trippin' #ootd
My park trippin’ #ootd
Jacket, harem trousers, bag, sliders

Despite him being desperate for hero branded clothing, I’ve struggled to find stylish pieces. I know, I know – but have you SEEN some of it!?

I bought him a great sweatshirt from Next last Christmas which was on the subtle side of super hero. (I’ve just had another look and there is nothing currently online that’s similar unfortunately). And my best friend sent him a fab t-shirt, but that came from New Zealand.

Charlie's super tees. Left: DC Comic clothing (gift from New Zealand) and Right: the Next buy from last Christmas
Charlie’s super tees.
Left: DC Comic clothing (gift from New Zealand) and Right: the Next buy from last Christmas

So this Junk Food tee, available from Gap is perfect.

Cool, stylish (we all love those stripes!) and with a distinctive logo to keep even the toughest hero happy, this is going straight into my shopping cart. It’s also pretty close to the one I bought too…

Mini Mum
Mini Mum

MINI: Junk Food hero tee, Gap

MUM:  Bat and stripes tee, Zoe Karssen at Asos

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    I love the white bat stripes! Super cool!!! 🙂


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    I’m as mad about leopard print as you Erica, bought the Whistles parka and some jewelled sliders from seeing them here, want this bag but its sold out. Any other cross over body bag ideas (animal print obvs)? x

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      AAah thanks Alli! M&S have got some great ones that’ll be coming in for AW, can you wait til then?! Also, it might be worth checking back with Boden because I think it’s been super popular and it wouldn’t surprise me if they brought it back. Will keep eyes peeled for you xx

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        Alli WILLIAMS

        Thanks Erica, I’ll keep that in mind. Love the blog. I’ve been sharing it with all my friends with kids,
        they love it too.
        Good work xx

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          Thank you so much Alli!! X

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