MMM: Elsa From Frozen Costume Panic

I’m late to the whole Frozen thing. The Disney film may have broken all box records (highest grossing animated film of all time), DVD sales and soundtrack recording CD purchases, but I actually only watched it for the first time last month.

Image: Disney / Frozen
Image: Disney / Frozen

But according to many, many friends (yes, including you Suzanne from Kid Style Junkie and Alison from Not Another Mummy Blog) their lives have been completely taken over by the smallest members of the family becoming absolutely, compulsively, desperately in love with the film, featuring sisters Elsa and Anna.

But kids desperate to get their (parents) cold, hard cash on the merchandise for the film have often been left disappointed. Frozen frenzies for the fancy dress versions of Elsa’s dress or Anna’s plaits have left the shelves bare, while Disney reps have admitted to underestimating the film’s success and – wait for it – NOT BOUGHT ENOUGH STOCK.

Image: Disney Store
Image: Disney Store

They actually do not expect stock levels to return to normal until the summer. “The popularity of Frozen has been phenomenal,” said a Disney UK spokesperson. “We are thrilled that audiences have connected with the characters and story in the way that they have and we are working hard to keep bringing additional product into stores as quickly as possible.”

On Mumsnet, there are regular forum discussions (read: intel) on how to track down the latest ‘Elsa dress.’ Profiteers are selling it for around £80 on eBay, where notifications flash up to tell you that 522 people have checked out this item THAT DAY.

The craze  has been likened – for those of us who remember the absolute panic at NEEDING one – to that of the Cabbage Patch Kids back in the Eighties.

But one high street store is doing well out of the low-stock of actual Elsa costumes. Monsoon have noticed a rise in sales of their Shalini sequin dress, which is racing out of stores – bought by mums desperate to get SOMETHING for their Frozen-obsessive at home.

Shalini dress, Monsoon, £25
Shalini dress, Monsoon, £25

You can see why it makes a good substitute. Use it as the costume base and add a white tee underneath and fashion yourself a cape from some chiffon = job done.

In the meantime, I have to go and watch Frozen a few more times before I can sing ‘Let It Go’ as well as everyone else in the country.


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    chelsea chandler

    i have just had this stress for my daughters 4th birthday. I found that stratford disney store is very helpful. They tell you when the stock is in and how many dresses they have in what sizes they have. then the next day open the store at 10am.
    I got my dress, i was very happy, by the time i had paid the dresses had gone!!
    Also a note that the dresses come up small and so you need to a size to big. Good luck if you get one

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    So that’s why we couldn’t find any Elsa costumes in the Disney Store in Westfields White City today then! There wasn’t even any doll’s! My eldest has watched 4 times already but I am yet to keep still and watch it with her, I really must! Although I do know the soundtrack very well already…..will be sure to show her that Monsoon alternative tomorrow, thanks for sharing x

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