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We were having a chat about boobs at work last week, you know, as you do.

Anyway, a surprising number of colleagues admitted one of the first things they do when they get home and get comfy is whip their bra off. Hang loose mother goose! But hey, whatever takes your fancy, right?


So when I was invited down to be properly fitted by iconic bra brand Triumph a few days later, I mentioned my free n’ easy bra-ditching pals and the team said they hear that ALL THE TIME.

They should know too, this is a company with 120 years of experience and who have just commissioned a survey, the results of which showed up to 76% of us are wearing the wrong bra size. Yep, there’s the reason for the free-wheeling boobs, right there.

Apparently three million online searches each month are on issues around bra size – and amazingly, 29% of women often buy bras knowing they’re not the right size.

And get this, despite the fact we spend around £400 a year on shoes annually (*coughs*), we only spend around £88 on pants and bras.

The gorgeous Dusky Glow set by Triumph, latest collection
The gorgeous Dusky Glow set by Triumph, latest collection

This year, Triumph are making it their mission to #StandUpForFit and want to get 10,000 women measured correctly with their complimentary fitting service and kitted out in the right size bra.

Triumph's latest collection
Triumph’s latest collection

I discovered I was actually wearing the right bra-size at my fitting, but learned how the right shape can make all the difference. Plus my fitter – is that even a word? – was so patient and helpful despite my unusually indecisive bra-picking. Neon pink, black or useful old beige, it was a tough one.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 20.32.40

Oh. I also remembered once writing a feature on the world’s best-selling bra, which was – and still is, Triumph’s Doreen. Which always amazed me, mainly because of the deeply unsexy name. Sorry to anyone called Doreen out there. Apparently the Doreen does amazing things for your boobs though.

Check out their online fit guide full of helpful hints and style tips, plus Triumph are offering a free in-store service to advice and support. Book an appointment online, or drop in to receive a personal fitting with their expert store advisors. 

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