MMM: Boomer 2 in 1 Balance Bikes – Perfect For Kids

Riding a bike is absolutely a rite of passage. But as my son took a year to even consider the scooter, we didn’t have high hopes of immediate success when we presented him with his first bike for his 4th birthday earlier this month.

His dad is a keen cyclist, riding the 9-miles to work (and 9-miles home again) most days. He loves the Tour de France and is a bit of a geek when it comes to the gear (padded cycling shorts anyone?) Charlie has been subconsciously indoctrinated by the ways of the two-wheel mean machine and has talked a lot about going on bike rides with daddy.

So far, so perfect as far as the present is concerned. But which bike to go for?

Boomer Balance Bikes – which are distributed by Paul’s Yard, an independent family-run business in East Lothian – pride themselves on being the smartest way for kids to learn how to ride a bike.

Boomer 2 in 1 Balance Bike, £130, Paul's Yard
Boomer 2 in 1 Balance Bike, £99

This 2-in-1 trike doesn’t need stabilisers, as initially kids learn how to ‘balance’ without needing pedals anyway. And once your child gets the hang of riding it and wants to go from balancing to actual cycling,  you can easily add the pedal and chain so it becomes their first 12” bike – no need to buy two bikes. Plus, it will last from around age 3 until 6 years of age – and can then be passed down to a younger brother or sister.

It’s relatively easy to put together too (thanks Grandpa!), but all tools and instructions are included.

We’ve just come back from a lovely week in the New Forest so where better to try out the Boomer than miles* (*metres) of open forest paths and country lanes?** (** the patio of our holiday house)

Dad lends a hand
Dad lends a hand
And they're off (no, that's not our actual house - it's our holiday house!
And they’re off (no, that’s not our actual house – it’s our holiday house!)

There is a little handle on the back of the seat which is brilliant for making your child feel secure (‘stay there mummy!’) and for steadying those early wobbles. And the seat itself can be adjusted by hand which means daddy’s super-geek bike tool-kit can stay in the shed.

At £99 it’s competitively priced to other kids bikes on the market, plus delivery is free. I also LOVE the retro styling. We chose the blue, but you could choose from red, green or pink.

Charlie thinks his Boomer is ‘super cool’ and is showing more and more interest in riding it every day. We can’t wait until he really gets peddling.

Check out the website here.

Thanks so much to Paul from Pauls Yard for all the help with this post.



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    We love our Boomer Bike – not yet progressed to the pedal stage but I love the fact they are easy to add at a later date once the balance part of riding a bike has been mastered!

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