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It may be because I am getting *whispers* older, but I am getting more and more concerned that a lot of the high street is just too young for me now.

I still have a lot of love for Zara, especially their coats. I buy the odd piece in Topshop and H&M’s TREND collection is always really great. But unless you want to spend an absolute fortune  (Whistles, I am talking to you, when did you become SO expensive?), there is not a huge amount of choice for the fashion-obsessed thirty-something who wants pieces that are a little different.

Since having the kids, I have found my style has changed. I used to wear endless dresses, whereas now I find skirts with a great jumper work well for work – and I can mix the knits in with more casual pieces at the weekend. Cost per wear = down instantly.

I find myself drawn more and more to classics – navy blue, grey and camel rather than the black I always used to choose. I find them much more flattering – plus they all lend themselves to mixing with brighter statement pieces in a much more subtle way. Black and colour can sometimes be a bit too obvious.

A couple of weeks ago, an email popped up in my inbox from a new British company called Wishbone, who are specifically designed for the 30-plus shopper. It really resonated with me and I had a look.

'Eva' Colourblock knit, £60, Wishbone
‘Eva’ Colourblock knit, £60, Wishbone
Gracie blouse, £80, Wishbone
‘Gracie’ blouse, £80, Wishbone
'Ava' chunky cotton cardigan, £70, Wishbone
‘Ava’ chunky cotton cardigan, £70, Wishbone

The collection isn’t currently huge, but that’s OK because there is a definite wow-factor in terms of prints and colours. The pieces are all designed to work together in a really effortless way. I love the modern feel and lovely way of mixing up prints (check out the Riley woven dress with printed front and Breton back) – nothing seems too try-hard. Put simply, I could imagine wearing pieces to work and at home with the kids rather than keeping them separate.

I loved the style and shape of the Tia printed trouser, which are a pyjama- tuxedo pant in a fluid satin crepe. Teamed with the contrasting Shelley top, it’s a nod to this season’s matchy-matchy, but in a slightly less out-there way. I will be wearing this with black courts to work and – when the weather gets a lot better – metallic sandals.

Top and trousers, Wishbone, jacket, ASOS, shoes, M&S, Bag, Jaeger
Me wearing Wishbone with jacket, ASOS, shoes, M&S, Bag, Jaeger
Top and trousers, Wishbone
Top and trousers, Wishbone

Yes, I know what I said earlier about black and colour and yes, these pieces are monochrome accessorised with a cherry red bag in the pictures, but I love the print on print idea when the colours are exactly the same. The red adds a bit of interest.

If the whole look is a bit full-on, it is easy to dilute as it’s black and white. Wear with plain separates, or mix the trousers with a striped top and trainers. Easy.

There are actually so many pieces in the collection I love –  definitely a label to watch.



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    This is good. I also am having trouble ‘growing up’! I keep finding myself liking things in the Mary portas range at House of Fraser but the ginger wigs keep putting me off as I worry I will actually look too Mary! Thanks for the heads up. I shall investigate.

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    hi erica
    what a lovely piece, thanks so much glad you like it!!!


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    Even though i’m still in my twenties & a Mom, I’ve been wrestling with the notion of ‘growing up’ fashion wise too. On first glance for me, Wishbone looks a lil ‘pricey’, but as you say cost per wear when you match staple pieces should make it value for money…thanks x

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    Sharon Hanley

    After a night of 5 hours sleep after baby preferring to sing than sleep, I went to John Lewis in Oxford St. I happened across Wishbone and bought 3 pieces. LOVE IT. So it’s weird to read about it here. Will deffo sign up to their website.

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    Love the striped jacket!

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