MMM: Ershware hats – hipster headgear for kids

Whether they like them or not, hats are a necessary part of the kid winter uniform. I usually have to go for the style with ties for Lila as it would be on for 0.6 seconds otherwise. Charlie is a little more tolerant, but only likes a beanie these days.

But I’ve  found a new brand on Etsy that appeals to the sensible they-will-keep-them-warm mother in me, but also are quirky enough to make sure the kids are happy wearing them.


Lila's new Ershware hat, £15.43
Lila’s new Ershware hat, £15.43

Ershware was set up at the end of last year by Ashley Thorner, an Art & Design grad who had started making hats, accessories and screen-prints for her son and created the store after seeing the way people reacted to them.

Most of the fabrics are upcycled from well-loved t-shirts (check out the Foo Fighters hats on the site!), because it’s eco-friendly, soft and has a history to it.

Star hat, £18.52, Ershware
Star hat, £18.52, Ershware

Based in Washington, USA, Ashley says her hats are great in the cold, rainy weather – so perfect for grey UK skies.

Check out Ashley’s other designs here – she also takes orders if you have a special request.

Personalised initial hat, £15.43, Ershware
Personalised initial hat, £15.43, Ershware





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    These hats just make the outfit adorable. They are original and have bright color designs. They are available in different colors and shape.

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