MMM: The clutter-free way to save that artwork

Look at this. It’s a stashed pile of everything crafty Charlie brings back from pre-school and I can’t bear to throw it out. Out of control.

Charlie's artwork piles
Charlie’s artwork piles

Since we had the kitchen redecorated, I don’t have the luxury of sticking the week’s favourite masterpieces (‘a horse? wow, that is, erm, good!’) on the fridge as it is now boxed into a cupboard. I have toyed with the idea of whacking up a magnetic blackboard painted section of wall in the dining room for the kids to draw over and also for me to stick up artwork.

But, *whispers* if I’m honest – and maybe this makes me a terrible mother – I would rather keep everything tidy and have the odd piece out.

I love these ways of organising and displaying all that creative genius:

Images from top, clockwise:  S-Photos; Zero Waste Home;;
Images from top, clockwise: S-Photos; Zero Waste Home;;

And these look very stylish – you photograph or scan your child’s artwork and then turn it into a poster:

Image: Little Green Blogspot
Image: Little Green Blogspot

But I read about a new app this weekend that is such a clever idea I am going to start doing it IMMEDIATELY.

Arktive lets you store, share and print your kid’s scribbles without those awful guilt-inducing “I can’t throw this away” moments.

You simply snap a picture of the artwork and the app automatically tags each image with your child’s name and date created. Add a title or description and then share the gallery with friends and relations – although let’s be honest, it’s probably only Grandma or Nana who will REALLY care.

Image: Arktive
Image: Arktive

But the real genius of Artkive is that when you’ve collected enough images, you can turn your digital collection into a customised coffee-table book with just the press of a button. Stored forever – and clutter-free!

Talk about a real masterpiece.

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    That, my friend, is genius. You a clever lady. xxx

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    Alexandra – Mademoiselle Modeuse

    Very nice ! Excellent root of inspiration for me. 🙂

    Alexandra. (french lifestyle blogger)


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